Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday On The Island

It's Sunday night and were finishing the weekend watching The Bourne Supremacy on tv.  It's been a good day even though the weather was not as sunny as promised.  Dumb weather people - that's why I never trust them!:)

Sunday morning we decided to go to the little church down the road from where we were staying.  It's an evangelical free church and I've passed it a billion times and never even thought of it so it was fun to actually experience Sunday morning with them. A cute little church inside, a pretty large group of people and a really good message complete with good old hymnal singing.  

Afterwards I took the dogs on a walk -its nice to be able to let them walk off leash. Where we were staying there was no traffic on the road so they just got to go along at their own pace.  

Down to the lake for Baileys daily swim - she's crazy dog when it comes to throwing balls and fetching them.  Calvin is a wader - no swimming for him.

And then later in the afternoon we all (except mom) took the Karfi (the people ferry) over to Rock Island.  We missed the 2pm one and made the 3pm but that meant we only had an hour on the island in order to catch the last ferry back.

But since I had brought the kayaks I was determined to use them and Brittney was a sport and wanted to join.  We decided to kayak back over to Rock Island.

We got back to the house in time to see the sunset from the house.

And then Brit and I went on a walk with the dogs and then went to the Albatross for dinner - I haven't been there in years... The burgers weren't as good as I remembered but the cheese curds were better:)

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