Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wedding...Kind Of... And More

Another wedding!  Well - at least the reception.  Jim my nephew and J'aime.  We went to Phoenix for the celebration!

Cousins Tom and Debbie and Sean and I stayed at a house.  Everyone got in on Friday night and the Tom, Debbie and Sean and I went out to breakfast on Saturday morning.

And then went our separate ways for the rest of the morning so Sean and I could go to The Hall Of Flame!!  :). It's a museum for everything fire related.  They had fire stuff from all over the world from the 1700s until now!  Sean is a volunteer EMT so he's quite dedicated to firefighters and EMTs.  

And then we all went back to the house Randy and Pat had rented and we all hung out at their pool for the afternoon.

The wedding was Saturday evening and then Sunday morning Sean and I headed out to the Grand Canyon for the day!  We hiked the Bright Angel trail for a few hours ...

And then headed back up and just meandered around for a while until we hit the road to head back to the airport!

Along the encountering the blood moon that I had actually just heard about the day before!

Weird stuff but pretty cool to look at!

We got back on Monday - I had a day in the office and then today, Wednesday, I hit the road for Minneapolis for a conference I've been asked to speak at.   I'm doing a presentation about enzymatic detergents and I'm using a retro theme so... Along the way I made some phone calls on my business phone!:)

I actually borrowed the old brick phone from a friend at work... Hoping and praying my presentation turns out like I have it in my head...

And now I conclude today's post with signs that made me laugh from the Grand Canyon....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another Wedding - I've Lost Count!

The other thing that I made time for in my schedule this weekend was another wedding.  This was for Amanda!  One of my girls from youth group at Crossroads.  It's been a long time since she was in youth group and now we're more friends than anything - but I still felt weird and old seeing her get married...

And then there was Kelsey (also from youth group) who was her maid of honor and her little boy was Amanda's ring bearer... He's getting so big!

A nice, simple and beautiful wedding!  Happy to have made it to see Amanda get married!:)

Right Across The Street

So this weekend was spent moving Sean.... Right across the street!!!  Literally - go down our street, cross the big street and he's right there in that subdivision.  Yay!  He's closer to me!  Closer to work!  Closer to our church!  

And then last night we got started with our first care group (aka small group) from church and -- it's right across the street!

This is me walking to small group....:)

And here's the sidewalk to their house, which is right in front of Seans house!  I love things that are right across the street!  No more driving 30 minutes to small group or 45 min to see Sean!  Now I just walk across the street!:)