Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to Bickram AND Things Never Go As Planned

This is what I actually did need after today... Another round of Bickram -- this time in Minneapolis. All the way through you think - I'm dying, I want to just die, I can't make it.... and then you make it through and you're so pumped. This was my shirt that I put on AFTER 90 minutes of yoga and wore for about 10 minutes and this was an hour after I took it off. It was absolutely soaked! The thing I have to say about Bikram thats the hardest thing is the smell. They usually have this carpet kind of stuff on the floor and then with the heat at 105 and people dripping sweat - it just soaks in. The studio today was absolutely horrific. Sylwia from our lab was travelling with me today and I got her to go to a class with me - we were both ready to leave the room as soon as we walked in. I was puking a little in my mouth and I had to just acclimate to the smell. Then, after about 60 minutes, people's body funk around us was getting noxious again and that made it worse. I want to find a studio where it doesn't smell like something crawled up a dead animal and died.... Besides that - its a pretty rejuvinating 90 minutes!

This is our competition in St Paul - Ecolab. We wound up going downtown St Paul for lunch after we visited one of my potential accounts in St. Paul after the whole morning got screwed up.

Sylwia came with me because one of the huge accounts I have had some brand new model washers put in and we discovered that the pumps worked differently so we had to reformulate one of our products running through it. Sylwia came with me specifically today because we had the new formula shipped in and we were going to hook up with the washer tec to run the product through and make sure it was all running good.

We flew out on the 6:24 a.m. flight and got into Minneapolis, trucked over to the account and, knowing that the product arrived as we had confirmation, we started out search. We could not find the lot#s that we needed anywhere. Ended up calling the lab and found out that, it was presumed that the shipping department would get the new product and ship that rather than pull the old product from the racks. UGH! We had the wrong lot# and we already were looking like schmucks because of the problems we had with the product.

So - we had to try and retool as much of the day as we could. We did get the one meeting in, but we had to reschedule another meeting at another account having problems. We're planning on hitting them at 7 a.m. and then trying to book it over to the account, we should have hit today, by about 9:30 and then we have to get Slywia to the airport for a 2:24 flight that we just changed to this afternoon.

Ugh! Why does nothing ever got he way you plan it! I semi expect it but expect it not to, but it just makes things really yucky when it doesn't work out.

Well, tomorrow Melissa get to come to the city and hang with me in the evening. We're probably going to do another Bikram class... I've got to figure the smell thing out... Any suggestions?

Good night Twin Cities!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pretty Spooky Memory

I pulled up AOL tonight to be confronted with a picture of Tim Robbins in his Shawshank prison get up and the title "Building Was Setting for Shawshank Redemption" - and with that I had a very vivid memory.

About 8 years ago, I was working with a new rep in the Ohio territory up from Columbus. I was following this rep to a distribution center for his company and we were winding through all these back roads on the byways of Ohio. We turn this corner and theres this big chain link gate thats locked, but the drive leading into it has a big "pull-over" spot. I've no clue what we're doing but, all of a sudden this guy swings his car over in front of the gate and I follow him wondering where we are. He gets out and saunters back to my car window, which by now I'd rolled down, and he says "have you ever seen Shawshank Redemption". I'm reluctant to say that, yes, I had seen the movie. He points towards the gate and tells me to get out and follow him. Weird, but I do.

When we get to the gate, he points through to the most creepy buidling you've ever seen or felt. It seriously felt creepy. "This", he tells me "is where they filmed the prison parts of Shawshank Redemption". SCARY!

Theres just this creepy, icky feeling that I got when I saw the heading on the AOL blurb... see the link below....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family + Wedding = Wild Weekend

Last weekend, the family shuttled on over to Akron, Ohio for a family weddin' - ye-haw! A good ol' time where the south and the north (aka midwest) united to celebrate the nuptuals of the first Behn grandson/nephew to be united in wedded bliss. Family from Justin's dad's side, mom's side and his biological mom's side ... plus Jenny's family and friends. It was a crazy weekend!

The Andersens, the Howards (at least one of them - Justin's biological mom's sister) and the Behns

The Behns

Jenny's family
Justin's grandparents (dad's)
Justin's Aunt Lorie (biological mom's sister)
Justin's family
Grandma Behn
Both sides, parents
Best man (Joe) and Maid of Honor (Jenny's little sister)
Evil Joe
Good Joe (or as good as he's gonna get Joe)

The day was beautiful and then right at the end of the reception when everyone was leaving, the storm cloud came in....
Evil Joe and his dirty work!

One last time to say goodbye to the family over breakfast at Bob Evans!