Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Get Off My Back! ;)

Ok - I have discovered I actually have two followers of my blog and one of them will not get off my back so... This ones for you follower number 1!

It's the new year!
And I'm off and running ... Literally... I'm trying to get back into my groove with Bikram and with the treadmill.  And this year, I have a new puppy (well I don't have her, my sister does:) to introduce to the treadmill...

I've tortured her by putting her on the treadmill, and now she's a little angry at me!

But I'm getting on it enough that MAYBE she'll get used to it - and I will too!

And today I'm feeling a little like my old self... Back on the road for an occasional trip.  And I'm discovering I miss it - but I maybe don't!  I kind of hate saying goodbye to Sean and I'm missing a couple things because I'm gone Wednesday until Friday.  

So I haven't been on a plane since - December?:). But this is the funny thing ... United has this magazine called "hemispheres" that they always feature a trip.  3 days in.... So that's always the first thing I check every time I get on the plane in a new month.  And somehow - I always connect to the article!  I just planned a trip to Dubrovnik and I get on the plane and "three days in Dubrovnik".  I was just asked by someone if I have any suggestions for their trip to San Francisco - get on the plane "three days in San Francisco"!

Today I'm headed to (well laguardia first - ack..) and then to Charlotte.  My oldest sister lives about an hour and half from Charlotte so I'm gonna stay with her.  She used to live in Mexico City.  I get on the plane today and ...

Ok - isn't that weird!

So anyways - here I am in the good old big apple... Not my favorite city:(. At Laguardia, not my favorite airport!  And in my head, the recent movie that I just watched "Sully" is playing in my head... And I'm thinking - please don't let us land in the Hudson!:)

I'll try to keep posting!! I do have a big and exciting, and life changing year happening so ...:).