Monday, March 21, 2016

Scary, Awesome City!

When you land in a city and grab a cab
to your hotel and you see a sign on the cab window...


But the food...

And the sights...

And sounds...

Make the trip worth while!

Try guessing where I am this week?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

WORK! And Then A Weekend With My Guy!

Sean had a workshop he was attending this weekend for his part time chaplain job.  It's a program for couples and relationships and they invited the participants "significant other" (ie - ME!:). So I had to do some work in Denver anyways so I said yes!

I came in early on Thursday to work and the picked up Sean in the afternoon and by 3:3 Colorado time we were on a hiking trail!
There was an old dam along this trail that broke in the 1930s and caused one of the largest floods in Colorado.  It's hardly anything now but it's a cool site!

I think that dam trail was dam fun!

We had fun and got lots of exercise!

Got an alter Colorado pict to Karl's Oregon coast "sensitive area" :). Keeping it in the fam!  I guess I'm more of a sensitive species.... I'm a woman!  No offense to the women who are reading this:). This ones for you Karl!  When I finally get my Mac up again I'll have to post that pict of you - one of my faves!:)

Oh and we got to see some nature!  Mr Porcuppine!

The next day the course started - and I ended up leaving half the day to work again.  But got back and participated in the afternoon and the rest of the weekend.  A good course to explore communication but I'd say it's a little too "touchy feely" for me and lacking a spiritual aspect that would put things I better perspective and give some ground to having good communication.  

Overall even though some information was great I think after a while .... This was how I felt...
And it was actually just a scream for - stopping:)
Overall I'd say that Sean and I did learn a lot about each other - but I think we communicate pretty well already - this just gave us a few more tips.

So Friday night we met up with my friend Patti - this was the first Sean and Patti met each other so it was fun!
I'm smiling so big because I had the two people on either side of me pinching and tickling me - two peas in a pod!:)

Oh - one more picture...
Welcome to Colorado!!!
And goodbye Colorado!!!
And leaving my Sean here for another day so - miss him already!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sushi And Art

Meetings, problem solving, shipping papers, laptop tapping...

And interspersed in all of that were my two highlights!

It's Jocelyn birthday today so - she took me out for sushi.  Seriously - she bought me lunch because I've had a hellish few weeks so she felt bad for me.  So nice!  She even let me chose - my fave, sushi!:)
Well at least at lunch their bento box c.  Yum!

Back and another meeting.  Well actually more cake for Jocelyn!:)
And then I went to support Seans vets!  They had an art show at CLC so I had to stop by!

So there's drawings and paintings and sculptures and then there's the talent show which was quite good!

Thursday is done!  Yay!  Week almost done!  Hip hip hooray!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


What amazing weather we've been having!  It's been barely-jacket weather so dog park has been even more enjoyable and we've been able to stay longer!  But the warmer the weather, the more mud and more stream bathing Cal gets into so...
First bath of the year (not counting his last grooming:)

And as you rememeber, my friend Jocelyn at work got engaged last week.
So - it seemed time for a party!
But not just any party - an engagement party - a SURPRISE engagement party!

Samanatha and I ran around all Monday and Tuesday trying to decorate and plan and then...
Worked pretty well - and looked really good!  Oh and tasted good too!

A good time was had by all!

And after an hour of confernce room partying... 
We moved the party down to her desk!

And what makes this week crazy for her is her birthday is on Thursday and we always do a medical team party for the birthday celebrater!  So it's a two party week for Jocelyn!

Oh and I have to share this...
I got home from small group last night and I step out on the sidewalk and see this weird shape and shine a flashlight on it and ...

So weird!  I have never ever seen anything like it before and then I looked it up and I believe it's called a spotted salamander and its pretty weird to see it because it's usually in hiding.  

Just found out that next week I have to go to Minneapolis and then the end of the week Sean and I are headed to Denver for a conference so - it will be Blog on the road!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Butt Is Growing..

These horrible devilish things!

I've had to work in Geneva, Il a lot lately at a hospital there and one of the first times I was in the area I stopped at this place for coffee ...
And I found their almond croissants.

Now everytime I come I have to stop for one... Ok two.. Ok three... My butt is growing (not my nose!). I have gotten up to a dozen at one time!  To be fair... I did buy the dozen for a group of people but... The the group didn't meet so.. Well I couldn't let them go bad now could I?...:). Ok I did share some.

But... STOP!!!!
Ok the last one is today...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Catch Up With Alison!

Friday - Midwest Dental Show... We didn't actually have to man a booth, we just walked the floor - which was amazing because we just got to hang out at booths and get free products!  All kinds of cool mouth stuff!  Love it!

Afterwards, I caught a train to Ravenswood where I met up with Sean and then our friends Kim and Steve picked us up and we went and ate Mexican!  Fun times and good food!

Saturday morning, my Rev Gartland and I had a meeting and we used his chaplain office at the Navy base.  First time I've gotten to see his second job workplace.  He works with a program called CREDO as a chaplain who does various seminars for enlisted men and women.  He's pretty impressive, my Rev Sean H Gartland!:)

After our meeting, because we are pretty close, we stopped by the cemetary in Waukegan so I could "introduce" Sean and dad.  He's never been to dads grave before so it was such a beautiful day to go - and I was even happier to all the grass that had finally taken root on top of his grave!

Saturday night the fam that was around went over to Deb and Toms because my nephew Jim was in town.  We had dinner and then were forced to play some game ... It was actually kind of fun but, I was so tired I don't think I stood a chance!

Sunday - church and then we just caught up on all our errands Sunday afternoon and then Seans youngest daughter was in the area so we had dinner with her.  

And then Monday ... Monday... Sigh....
Catch up and one thing after another considering we've had some product complaints due to something that wasn't our decision - so day after day of trying to figure things out and smooth them over.  
And then preparing for our sales meetings that start this month.  Bloody tiles!  That's my job - painting tiles with Sheeps blood.  So amazingly fun!  Not!  And I can't do it in the lab anymore as they all get grossed out.  So I'm relegated to my desk.  Gross, but efficient!

Today is Wednesday!  And the news of the day is -- my cube neighbor/our product manager for engaged last night!  I think we were all completely surprised - including Jocelyn!  We had some little suspicions and we gossiped and talked and guessed - but none of us expected it to happen last night!  We've gotten to know each other so well in the past year and have shared so much, I'm so excited for her!  But still pinching myself!  I can't believe it!  She said she keeps on looking down at her finger and thinking "what?!"

And I just can't wait for Thursday!  With the week I've been having I just expect it to get even better tomorrow!:)

The one good thing is, my prayer life is definitely growing - with things that have been going on, all I can do is pray!  It is working - if nothing else, I'm learning to just fall into God with all the problems going on!  And I'm honestly having faith that tomorrow will either be better or I'll learn how to cope with everything better! One or the other would do!:)