Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sushi And Art

Meetings, problem solving, shipping papers, laptop tapping...

And interspersed in all of that were my two highlights!

It's Jocelyn birthday today so - she took me out for sushi.  Seriously - she bought me lunch because I've had a hellish few weeks so she felt bad for me.  So nice!  She even let me chose - my fave, sushi!:)
Well at least at lunch their bento box c.  Yum!

Back and another meeting.  Well actually more cake for Jocelyn!:)
And then I went to support Seans vets!  They had an art show at CLC so I had to stop by!

So there's drawings and paintings and sculptures and then there's the talent show which was quite good!

Thursday is done!  Yay!  Week almost done!  Hip hip hooray!

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