Wednesday, March 9, 2016


What amazing weather we've been having!  It's been barely-jacket weather so dog park has been even more enjoyable and we've been able to stay longer!  But the warmer the weather, the more mud and more stream bathing Cal gets into so...
First bath of the year (not counting his last grooming:)

And as you rememeber, my friend Jocelyn at work got engaged last week.
So - it seemed time for a party!
But not just any party - an engagement party - a SURPRISE engagement party!

Samanatha and I ran around all Monday and Tuesday trying to decorate and plan and then...
Worked pretty well - and looked really good!  Oh and tasted good too!

A good time was had by all!

And after an hour of confernce room partying... 
We moved the party down to her desk!

And what makes this week crazy for her is her birthday is on Thursday and we always do a medical team party for the birthday celebrater!  So it's a two party week for Jocelyn!

Oh and I have to share this...
I got home from small group last night and I step out on the sidewalk and see this weird shape and shine a flashlight on it and ...

So weird!  I have never ever seen anything like it before and then I looked it up and I believe it's called a spotted salamander and its pretty weird to see it because it's usually in hiding.  

Just found out that next week I have to go to Minneapolis and then the end of the week Sean and I are headed to Denver for a conference so - it will be Blog on the road!

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