Sunday, March 20, 2016

WORK! And Then A Weekend With My Guy!

Sean had a workshop he was attending this weekend for his part time chaplain job.  It's a program for couples and relationships and they invited the participants "significant other" (ie - ME!:). So I had to do some work in Denver anyways so I said yes!

I came in early on Thursday to work and the picked up Sean in the afternoon and by 3:3 Colorado time we were on a hiking trail!
There was an old dam along this trail that broke in the 1930s and caused one of the largest floods in Colorado.  It's hardly anything now but it's a cool site!

I think that dam trail was dam fun!

We had fun and got lots of exercise!

Got an alter Colorado pict to Karl's Oregon coast "sensitive area" :). Keeping it in the fam!  I guess I'm more of a sensitive species.... I'm a woman!  No offense to the women who are reading this:). This ones for you Karl!  When I finally get my Mac up again I'll have to post that pict of you - one of my faves!:)

Oh and we got to see some nature!  Mr Porcuppine!

The next day the course started - and I ended up leaving half the day to work again.  But got back and participated in the afternoon and the rest of the weekend.  A good course to explore communication but I'd say it's a little too "touchy feely" for me and lacking a spiritual aspect that would put things I better perspective and give some ground to having good communication.  

Overall even though some information was great I think after a while .... This was how I felt...
And it was actually just a scream for - stopping:)
Overall I'd say that Sean and I did learn a lot about each other - but I think we communicate pretty well already - this just gave us a few more tips.

So Friday night we met up with my friend Patti - this was the first Sean and Patti met each other so it was fun!
I'm smiling so big because I had the two people on either side of me pinching and tickling me - two peas in a pod!:)

Oh - one more picture...
Welcome to Colorado!!!
And goodbye Colorado!!!
And leaving my Sean here for another day so - miss him already!!!

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