Saturday, February 6, 2016

First Wedding Of 2016!

What is with this wedding streak?!  Before last year, the one and only wedding I've been to in the past 10 years was one youth group wedding for Braz and Heather - that was 2006?  And then dead calm, which I didn't horribly mind.  And then starting with Joe and Hannah's wedding last May - BAM!  I have a wedding almost every month!  Crazy!

Tonight was my first wedding of 2016.
 And I couldn't have been happier about this wedding!  My wonderful Kileean!  I had Kileean in youth group back in 2006/7 or so and until I ended my youth group service.  He was one of those amazing, kind, gentle, honest, godly kids that you just didn't see frequently.  I think the reason I liked him so much is because for some reason, he either thought I was a cool youth group leader... Or maybe just took pity on me?...:)  Either way, "Ally" felt like the most awesome youth group leader.  I had a few kids like that.  I went into youth group never really having been in actual youth group growing up and always having felt like the weird, uncool, not liked teenager... I was in my 30s and still feeling like the weird, uncool, not liked adult.  Thank God for a few really amazing teens who were just so kind to me and actually wanted to hang around me and talk to me and, funny thing is, I feel like I matured and become a more secure adult in my 30s because of a group of really mature and secure teenagers.  This was Kileean.  Not only secure in who he was as a person, but secure in who he was in God.  

And so I got to spend 4 years with a Kileean, a really beyond his years amazing teen who, with a few others same minded teens, for some reason, always wanted to be in my car when we did youth group trips.  And wanted me to play ping pong with them (even though I suck at it!:).  And wanted me to hang out in their small groups.  And asked me what I thought about life.  And told me about things that were going on in their lives.

And now, they've all grown into fabulous adults.  Some of them are still really faithful to God and others are trying to figure out where they are.  But Kileean is one who just had such fabulous parents and such a God-amazing attitude, that he's stuck with things and moved on in life but still stayed with where God wants him to be.  And I've seen him mature even more.

And now I've seen God bring an amazing woman into his life - I don't know her, but I know Kileean and I know his parents and I've seen and heard what he thinks of her... And I saw them standing up in front of everyone tonight and... he's not my kid, but I can't help but be SO proud of him because I had a teensy teensy tiny part in his life.  And I'm so happy and grateful for that!  And I'm so... PROUD!

Congratulations to Kileean and Meg!

Praying for so much for both of you!!!

And btw - totally cool venue!!!!! Never even know it was there!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thank God I'm Back!

I never realize how much I appreciate my little hole in the wall until I've been stuck in a meeting room all day!  Ah ... My chair - my two and a half walls!:). Bliss!

Here's to having your own space on a rainy Tuesday 5 minutes before you go home!  Sometimes it's the little things in life you're the most thankful for!

Monday, February 1, 2016

The View From My Monday Desk

If you'll remember back to Martin Luther King day and the special flower and lunch delivery from my fab bf....

Those gorgeous flowers are STILL alive!  Although some of them have departed, the colors are still there!

And since I was gone last week i bequeathed them to a cube mate who is always bemoaning how she never gets flowers from her not fab bf.  They've been happily sitting in her cube since last Monday evening.

So when Sean and I were back together again on this past Friday, I got yet another beautiful bouquet of flowers whih I've now brought in to the office to enjoy again!

So as I sit here, I can look over and see happiness from Sean all over!!!:)

Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fuzzy Little Calvin No More!

It was a big day for little Calvin!!! Two days before Thanksgiving he had a run in with a car, had major surgery and basically learned to walk again.

And that whole between then and now, he's only had one bath and the only grooming he had was the shaving they did to his back leg and where they put his iv in his front leg.  He looked a little like a poodle:)

So this morning we took off with little fuzzy head...

And came back this afternoon with a nice, clean shaved head!  He looks so good and smells even better!!!!

And then we enjoyed a nice walk at the dog park and enjoyed a beautiful sunset!

Oh and I shouldn't forget the Petsmart run either!  Who can forget treats and greenies and pats on the head by strangers who think you're adorable!  I'm speaking for Calvin when I say he had a pretty terrific day!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Nothing is as amazing as having someone in your life who cares so much about you that he takes time on his day off to stop by your work and bring you a latte, soup, salad and...
Beautiful flowers!!!!!!
I really kind of like this guy!!!!!:)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cold Weekend

What Midwesterners do with a cold weekend...

They hang out on Friday nights with an awesome friend and delicious food!

Then they have sleepovers in no-snow downtown so that they can wake up Saturday morning and go to breakfast at a kitchie downtown restaurant and eat more food!

They spend the afternoon with cold walks at the dog park with puppies that have to wear doggie booties because their tootsies are so cold!

And then, after Sunday morning service they go with another awesome friend (and maybe a little more than a friend;) to cool coffee shops... sit by warm fires with hot coffee...

Ahhhh... Couldn't ask for more!
Oh wait!...
Now that's perfect!!!!

And then more cold dog park walks and dinner made by my talented boufriend and movie by the fire!

That's how to stay warm and happy on a cold and frozen weekend Chicago style!

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Making Of The Man I Really Like!

So I must admit, I was pretty honored over the New Years holiday in Florida as Sean shared places and people with me that have been a big part of his life.  Every little bit more that I learn about him or share with him, a teensy bit I'm sad because I didn't get to share those things with him, but probably more, it just makes me see a part of the whole person he's become.  Seeing the places he talks about fondly or the schools that educated him and helped make him the scholar he is today, or the friends who have been through a big journey with him and keep him going forward to God or the brother who's birthday he stole:). Every little bit I'm just amazed that I get to share it with him!  

There were his Gainesville years....
His schools and house 

His dad's work 

And then I finally got to see inside his Jacksonville house!  We've driven by outside so many times and even gotten chased out of the yard (another story:) and now I finally got to see the inside picture!

And his beach!  We even got to spend a few hours in the sun there and we both actually caught a few waves as it was stil an amazingly warm day!

It's funny how I forget the house and people and places that made me who I am.  They were there and now they're gone and every once in a while I have a fond memory and then pass by and move on.  But then you start looking at other peoples places and people and things and how all of that came together to make the person you see standing in front of you - who he is today.  And you start to think more about all the things that made you who you are - for good or for bad, they shaped you and you either sank or swam with the reality of those things.  

I'd like to say for the record - that Sean definitely swam!:).  Figuratively and in reality!
(That's Sean swimming if you can't tell!:)

Happy 2016!  Who knows where the year will take us!