Monday, September 15, 2014

Express To Romania

"Rain boots, whiteboard and some clothes".  That's the list of things that I got from Ioana.  She had left this stuff with friends in Chicago and she had asked that when I come I bring it with me to which I readily agreed.  

I'm downtown today trying to renew my passport as quickly as possible.  When I went in to get my Chinese visa last week I was told they won't give me a visa as my passport expires in Jan of 2015.  As I leave for Budapest next week and have to have my passport for that, I'm having to sneak the new passport in first and then go for the visa in the 2 weeks that I'm home between Hungary and China.  I did apply my passport today and I get it back on the 17th so that's pretty quick.  Still not confident enough to get the visa in between then and my Hungary departure.  So - Ill do that when I get back.

In the meantime while I was down, I decided to I over to Irving Park and pick up her stuff.  I hopped on the brown line and got over and met with Jenna who brought me to their basement storage unit and pulled out a box... And a bag... And both were full:). There's boots, shoes, clothes, books and papers and a coffee mug (which I had given her New Years two years ago:).  It made me laugh - and now Ill need to add that to my big bag list and get all that in.  But Im happy she'll be reunited with her stuff!

On the train going home now - but dont worry Chicago - Ill be back again on Wednesday!


I'm so very very sad as last week was the last day for one of the best account coordinators (ie customer service reps:) that I've ever had!  She's moving to Florida and I tried to convince her that first of all she couldn't go - when that didnt work I tried to convince her we wouldn't let her go - and when that didnt work, I just tried to make her believe that the state of Florida no longer existed.  I'm very sad to report she didnt believe any of it so we, our medical team, were forced to have a goodbye party for her.  

This is us with our happy, remember us faces... (Karin is in the middle in black)

This is how we really felt....

Now I start a new Karin-less week and Im slightly bummed that I can't call in and hear her voice.  I'm wishing her well on the outside, but I'm crying on the inside!....:(

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday With The Lyric - But Not AT The Lyric!

Tonight Kim and I are enjoying opera at Fourth Presbyterian downtown.  
It's a special showing for the Lryic chorale 
It was just piano and voice and some was a little bland - I think we all loved the Verdi and Mozart pieces.  Loud and amazing with the acoustics.

Now out for dessert at Bar Toma at the old La Pigeon restaurant.... I miss La Pigeon still:(

Rainy but good night!  Especially because I got to hang with Kim!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Have I Missed

The end of the Door weekend!  More cars leaving the island than Ive ever ever seen!  The line for the ferry was unending!  We were talking to some ferry workers who had said that they normally run like 15-20 ferries a day - and they were running about 60 that day.  Crazy!  But we still made it back in time for Brittany to catch her flight so all was good.

And the sad end to a happy weekend - one cherry upside down pie:(. Still tastes as good as a right side up one though!

A quick trip to Amarillo, Texas...

Need I say more about Amarillo, Texas...

And a long awaited trip to the Field Museum!  This exhibit has been running since last September and even before it started Kim and I were saying we HAD to go.  I guess we thought the most exciting time to attend would be the weekend it closed - after running for a year.  Note to those of you who missed - dont cry, it wasnt really that great.  It was more about the creation of the Field Museum as opposes to the Worlds Fair.

But - there were plenty of memory rushes I had as I haven't been there in a while.

I think everyone remembers Bushman - whether at Lincoln Park Zoo or at the Field!  Personally - I only remember him at the Field:)

And then there are those man eating lions they killed in Africa - they killed 140 people!  Crazy!  And if you want to know more about them you can watch "The Ghost In the Darkness".  I remember seeing these right after that movie came out.

And there's SUE!

And there's nothing like walking down the stairs to the basement and getting hit with that fresh smell of hot plastic that can only come from a Mold-a-Rama!  You can't buy memories like those - but if you pay $21 you can go see them for yourself!:)

And this week I'm in Rocky Mount (that's MOUNT - Not MOUNTAIN!) NC.  I'm staying with Marty and Wayne as they're only about two hours.  
And this is Nathanael.  Apparently, I'm being told that all the "cool kids" have this look.....

I personally think he's confused "cool kids" with 80 year old men from Boca Raton - but that's just what I think and being said - I'm definitely not a "cool kid"!:). Yes - he wore this extremely rockin style out on the town when we went for dinner - it's just that cool!

After dinner Marty brought me over to this little town called Saxaphaw where try have this old grocery store and coffee shop and all.  And the building it's all in used to be this factory where they dyed yarn.  They now have this huge hall where you can bring your ping pong paddle (pending you have one...) and play this round robin community style ping pong game.  Crazy!

And every so often you can spot one of the old vats they used to use to dye the yarn.

At account right now finishing up running some tests then I get to go over about an hour from here to your the plant where they manufacture our enzymes for our enzymatic detergents.  It may sound bland but I'm actually kind of excited.

And that's it for Tuesday!

Oh - one more Pict....
I love having a quiet evening out with someone special - and the person they're talking to - and the person you're talking to... 
Yes -I do take random pictures of people who amuse me - you may be next so don't mock me!:)


I'm behind on the blog, but before I post anything else there are just a few thanks I have to make note of!

Thanks to all my totally amazing friends who made me feel special for my birthday (even though I don't like to acknowledge that beleaguered day they are good enough to make it an enjoyable event).  Thanks to Kim for making note of the fruit/pastry lover in me and jazzing things with a birthday pie!

Thanks to Karl for knowing sometimes a girl just needs real flowers, even though the pictures of dads roses are a close second.   Birthdays, especially dreaded ones, are better with a bunch of flowers.

Past the birthday....
Thanks to everyone who came to and/or ordered from Noonday Collection!  It's a company that's grown close to my heart because they do such amazing stuff!  Great jewelry, but even greater support of the women and communities that make it all!  Your purchases help people that would never have a chance for a decent life - from single mothers to men and women with HIV.  Uganda, India, Guatemala - places where it's hard to find jobs that pay more than just survival salaries - the stuff in Noonday Collection pays wages that not only help people survive, but give them a chance for a better life and a chance to educate their children and to make a better future for themselves, their families and their communities!  Thank you for supporting them!
If you still want to place an order you can do so until Thursday, sept 11th at midnight.  Go to  And when you go to place an order, please note my name in the trunk show.  The proceeds will go towards helping a local family that is trying to adopt!  Don't forget to check out the sale tab too!

And - because I'm just wanting to share more flowers.... If you missed my Noonday party....

Oh!  Just a heads up that I'm going to do another Noonday party in November because they'll have the Christmas line out then! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday On The Island

It's Sunday night and were finishing the weekend watching The Bourne Supremacy on tv.  It's been a good day even though the weather was not as sunny as promised.  Dumb weather people - that's why I never trust them!:)

Sunday morning we decided to go to the little church down the road from where we were staying.  It's an evangelical free church and I've passed it a billion times and never even thought of it so it was fun to actually experience Sunday morning with them. A cute little church inside, a pretty large group of people and a really good message complete with good old hymnal singing.  

Afterwards I took the dogs on a walk -its nice to be able to let them walk off leash. Where we were staying there was no traffic on the road so they just got to go along at their own pace.  

Down to the lake for Baileys daily swim - she's crazy dog when it comes to throwing balls and fetching them.  Calvin is a wader - no swimming for him.

And then later in the afternoon we all (except mom) took the Karfi (the people ferry) over to Rock Island.  We missed the 2pm one and made the 3pm but that meant we only had an hour on the island in order to catch the last ferry back.

But since I had brought the kayaks I was determined to use them and Brittney was a sport and wanted to join.  We decided to kayak back over to Rock Island.

We got back to the house in time to see the sunset from the house.

And then Brit and I went on a walk with the dogs and then went to the Albatross for dinner - I haven't been there in years... The burgers weren't as good as I remembered but the cheese curds were better:)

Washington Island Weekend

Labor Day weekend and we headed up to Washington Island for a family weekend.  Pat, Randy, Jon, mom and Brittany even flew in for the weekend.  

We headed up with two cars, 6 people, 2 dogs, 2 kayaks and 4 bikes.  

Stopped just outside of Sister Bay at Seaquist Farms to see what was happening with the cherry harvest.
Then headed towards the ferry at Gills Rock.

We made it for the 4pm because it was running late.  

First stop was to drop everything off at the house we were renting.  We brought stuff in and then had to go down to the lake just because the view was so amazing (house not so much:(...)

Then we headed over to my fave restaurant on the island, Sailors Pub.  The day started off cloudy and foggy buy ended quite nicely.  Lovely sunset!

We had to wait for our table and our food quite a whole so by the time we got back, it was quite dark.  As we walked into the house, we had a visitor decide he'd like our company so he flew in quicker than we knew.  And for about 5 minutes Britty screamed in the bathroom with the door closed, Pat ran around in the deck while mom and I laughed and Randy valiantly chased Mr Bat with a broom.  He finally popped the bat one long enough that it fell to the ground stunned and Randy swept it out the door.  Friday evening entertainment complete!

Saturday, Randy, Brit, Jon and I biked around for a while and stopped at Schoolhouse Beach.

Only to get a downpour dumped on us as we left so we rode back to the beach and jumped under the overpass at the bathroom and hung out there until it calmed down...

Saturday afternoon, grandma, Jon and I took a little drive around and stopped at the lavender farm.  We stopped in the shop to enjoy the smells and - I guess everyone got to enjoy the sights of us!...

Dinner at KK Fiske with some father/son fuossball!

And then back to the house for games.  
Some bad!...:(

That's my newly discovered "Farkle face" by the way as I've discovered how much I truly hate and don't care about this game and would prefer torture to playing it.

Some good!
Then there's Mexican Train that I'm actually ok with and rather liked playing!

Sunday is a new day!  We'll see what vacation brings tomorrow!