Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday - Just ... Wednesday...

Worked in Omaha Tuesday and then got back in time to do dinner with Brittany downtown in the funky downtown section of Kansas City.  

And basically we went home and went to bed... I love that Britt is just as old as I am...:)

And red sky in morning?  I don't know is it red or pink... Either way... Ill be boarding my plane home soon to get to a new desk and an afternoon meeting.

Happy Wednesday!  It's Wednesday already!!!!

And one more thing...
Seriously the best coffee... And in OMAHA!  Good things can come from anywhere!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Introducing the thing that may save all of us - if it really does what's promised.  Baileys brand new Thundershirt!  Storms, fireworks, cars backfiring... These are all noises that send Bailey into panic mode where she chews holes in carpet, gnaws on walls and tries to literally climb inside any person who happens to be near her.  Sleep overs are dreaded if the sky starts darkening.

But now - ThunderShirt is here and were all hoping that it works for her otherwise...well, I think my otherwise is that Ill be much more studious about checking the weather before I say yes to Bailey-sitting!

And in other weekend news...
Another trip to Ravinia for a surprise birthday party for good old Kim!  Joshua Bell was playing and we had a group of us there to enjoy the music and the company.  I even got 4 free lawn tickets for future performances as they were giving them out as a thank you from Ravinia.  Yay!  I get to go at least two more times!  I know my friend Lauren is coming from Philly so were grabbing another friend Rhonda and were going to do the lawn the day she comes in.  I believe it's Don Giovanni.  And then the next one I know for sure I want to do is YoYo Ma on August 21st.  It's been a great Ravinia summer so far!

This is the way to party at Ravinia!:)

And do not go to Ravinia and sit like this - its very awkward for the people you're sitting and staring at even though you might find it quite amusing....:)

Two life lessons from Ravinia!
And the rest you'll have to figure out yourselves!

And now - TNMC in lovely downtown Omaha calls.  Beautiful Tuesday to be here...I should add - I'm actually excited to stop at my favorite cofffe place on the way out so - Yay!

I'm Home!!!?

This may just look like a hall to you - a long, bland, boring hall... but .... It's sheer happiness to me!  It's rushing and clock watching and exasperated sighs as vacationers poke and meander and stroll down the middle.  Its familiarity and its common and its typical and its run of the mill.  But its home and, sigh, I'm so glad to be back!  

Because all my accounts have been MN, IL and WI, I've been doing more driving and my sad little United app on my phone has been sitting lonely and forlorn.  But today!  TSA Precheck got to see my face again!

I'm off to Kansas and Omaha (where Ill get to see and stay with my neice Brittany). I don't know how I can stand anymore excitement on a Monday morning! 

I'm home!:)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Was Banned

As mentioned, I've been in the office way too much lately!  I've actually been working on a big project reviewing all of our labels and lit so its been a needed office confinement, however, I still don't take to it!

But - I was actually forbidden by HR to come in on Thursday and Friday this week!  Honestly!  They're replacing our cute as a button desks with actually cubicles and so they're breaking everything down today and assembling tomorrow.  Needless to say, all of my desk on on boxes and so I'm working at home today.  But - since I was home mom asked me to take her to get her hair done.  Which - was fine with me as there's a lake right next to downtown area where she goes.  I grabbed all the proofs I'm going through and headed to the dock and here I sit!  It's one of the absolutely peaceful lakes for kayaking or SUPping or just sitting because there's no motorized boats on the lake - no noise, no crowds.  

I can now get some sun AND some work done!  Or just some sun:)

Monday, July 21, 2014

I've Been Gathering Moss...

What is that saying about stones and moss.... I just know I've been sitting too long and my feet have been so restless.  I've had things to do in the office and with all the changes I've been trying to lay a little low.  But - wondrous day!  I have a meeting I'm required to go to!   I don't even care what it's for - it just means I have to finally get back on a plane and go to a different place.  Hallelujah!

What's even better - the place I have my meetings - Charleston!  So I'm actually flying into Greenville earlier in the week as  I do have some NC accounts I've been holding back on and I can get those done - as well as see all the family!  Actually I don't even know if Ill have time to see them all now but - I guess well find out!

All I know is ....
These will not be seeing this bland office carpet for a week!:). Yay yay yay!

I'm coming y'all!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wonderful Weekend!

I tried to keep it a low-key weekend and whatever it was -I did accomplish one thing I set out to do!  I finished reading my book!  It was pretty good and I actually was inspired to read a few others thanks to the literary lover in Harper Lee. I also picked up a new phrase that I love ... "Journey proud"- I believe it to be a southern phrase but Harper Lee used it often.  It basically means to be restless and anxious before a trip.  Love it.

And it does make you think what she could have written if she'd given the world another book.  Sad.  

But it was quite pleasant to enjoy the amazing weather this summer that's given us Portlandish greenery... Most of our lawns and flowers are usually brown by now so it's pleasant to enjoy such lushness in July!  All of our flower bushes would have been dried up because I'm horrible at watering, but I suppose God has taken care of them this year for me!  I was just thinking on Friday how much I've appreciated this summer and its endurableness (and there's my literary genius as I create new words - you're more than welcome to use it in a sentence this week....).

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back To Non-Boring

This is beautiful for like - 15 minutes?  But after a while - ah!  Boredom sets in!  Actually, it was such beautiful weather that even corn fields (and soybean fields:(...) look beautiful under that big blue sky!  Perfect weather to drive with your windows down!

Highlight of the trip?!  I got to swing by St Louis to see good old Cathy!  One of the most awesome people I know!  

Any friend that doesn't mind the world seeing this picture of them is stellar in my  book!  I love all my goofy friends -but I think I love the goofy that comes out of this one the most!

And having that face make my day last night, just made my Friday even better!

And now I'm back home for the weekend with nothing to do!  Except laundry and cleaning and maybe some weeding and walking the dog... 

Welcome weekend!