Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Relaxing Day In Sveti Stefan

Right down the road from where were staying theres a village and an island called Sveti Stefan.  Technically, in English it's Saint Stefan but we like to call it Sweart Stephen!:)

So our last day we wanted to relax and have another beach experience.  I'd heard all of these bad things abort Sveti Stefan but I still wanted to go.  And being that it was close to home we decided to check it out.

What an amazing experience!  Seriously almost the best day!

We got there about 11 and quickly and easily found FREE parking.  And then walked down stairs to a public beach - instantly being blown away by the view we saw as soon as we came to the beach!

Sveti Stefan is actually a privately owned island ... It's owned by the Amman group and so its all hotel properties going ar around 800 euro a night!  The only way to get on the island is to stay there and they've got guards posted on the bridge going over to make sure you don't go!!

But - it doesn't stop people from sunning on the beautiful beach looking at the island!

We ended up paying about 25 euro for two really comfy beach recliners and an umbrella - it was so worth it!

And the rest of the day we spent sunning and then going in the, honestly frigid, but totally refreshing water!  God seriously has given us such amazing weather!  And today was one of the best!

The water here is crystal clear!  You can swim all the way out to the ropes and it way deep but you can clearly see to the bottom!  So crazy!

And as you swim you have this amazing view of this ancient island...

Needless to say by about 5 pm we had browned up nicely and decided to change and then take a stroll and look for a restaurant.

 There's a path alone the sea that runs all the way from Budva a few miles down to Sveti Stefan.  So we leisurely strolled he path being swept away by the amazing views!

Look at how incredible the water is!  Pictures don't do it justice!!

Ok this is crazy... The Adriatic Sea is salt water - and here's a swan by the water!  

We walked back and found a restaurant ... It was called Olive Restaurant.  We stopped here and there was a wedding going on and the food looked good - so we stayed!

We ordered some shellfish stew... And then she came back and said they were out of the stew and they were so sorry - could they fix us soemthing with shellfish in it and kind of make up for it.  She explained something in a broken accent and we agreed to it...

Then we watched the sun set some more.

And then they brought our salad...
Mine was an amazing Greek salad!

More sun setting.

And the we jumped in shock when she finally presented our main course!


Massive! But delicious!

And finally we went to leave and
More sun set!!!

Amazing sun set!

And then we started walking back to the car... 
And the opposite way there is the moon!

Beautiful day!  Beautiful sun!  Beautiful sky!  Beautiful evening!