Friday, September 9, 2016

Landed! Stop 1!

I'm sure you're not surprised when I tell you our destination was Budapest!

However it's not our final stop!
But for today we'll just say - we landed in Budapest!

It took about an hour total to get our bags and then get a taxi and get to our hotel.  Once we got there we ran up to our room, grabbed our swimsuits, ran up to the executive lounge and grabbed a quick light dinner to go.  And then - I'm so excited!  We went to Gellert!

Gellert is a fancy old hotel in Budapest, but it also has one of the many famous baths in Budapest.  Last year, for the first time I went to one of the baths, Szecheny.  But Flora, my Hungarian friend, said that she and Atti thought Gellert was the most beautiful.

We got to Gellert, bought a pass and a locker and found out way down and changed into our swimsuits.

The way these baths work is that they're a labrynth of halls and locker rooms and then different pool.  All of the baths are mineral water and they'll say somewhere a.   in them what they're temperature is, usually anywhere from 27 to 40 degrees Celsius.  You'll do the hotter pools and then the cool pools and they're usually always larger plain old swimming pools .  The mineral baths are usually gorgeous with tiles and statues and glitter and lights.  I had seen pictures of Gellert and you can bring your camera in and take pictures but I don't like carrying my phone around water... And it's awkward taking pictures when people are in them that you don't know.  Weird:)

Here's a link to Gellert so you can see pictures yourself!
Here's one of the pools ...

Ok a photo of it!:)

At Gellert they had these two wings with pools and then showers by the saunas and steam rooms.

They also have all these cubicles all over where they do massage.  And during prime times in the day they'll just have people walking around asking if you want a massage (which you do have to pay extra for).  But the mineral waters do help!  As Mel testifies, her back was aching and after the mineral baths it felt totally better!

The baths are definitely worth it if you're in Budapest.  And I would agree that from my experience so far, I prefer Gellert.  It's usually more convenient and it's brighter and more open feeling.

Anyways - we walked back to the Marriott...

...and then went back up to the lounge for more free food and drinks:)
This is seriously my favorite place in the city - it's so quiet and the view is so fabulous!

The beautiful "Castle Hill".

Good night Budapest!!!!!
Off to sleep the sleep of the weary traveller!!!!

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