Monday, September 12, 2016

Beach Day! Jaz!

Now that we're all happily together and in the beautiful Montenegrin coast, we decided we needed a totally relaxing day!

So we took the suggestion of our house hosts and we went to a beach about 20-30 minutes up the coast in Ploce at a beach called Jaz.

First of all, I can't even describe the massive mountains were staying in and driving through, and then you get down by the Adriatic Sea and you're just surrounded by these peaks!  And you can see their blue shadows miles and miles away in the distance as they go on and on!

So the beach itself - very crowded with restaurant after restaurant hosting a multitude of beach chairs and umbrellas and people upon people piled up in those chairs.  So we walked way down to the end of this beach area and went to an open beach area that was more gravel than sand.  But the view as you laid there looking out was amazing!
So the picture above is Mel and Ioana standing looking for a beach area for us...
And the picture below is what I thought was a really cute zoom in of the two of them...
However as you can tell there are three of them and none of them look like Mel and Ioana... It's called - the sun is so beautifully bright that I can't see what I'm actually taking a picture of!:)

And here's brave Ioana out in the water!  It was seriously the most frigid water I've ever felt but everyone was out swimming around!  I don't think Melissa or I got past our waste!
But even though the water is cold - it's as clear as glass!  You can see right to the bottom with these beautiful blue hues!
This was my basic view almost the whole time:)

So relaxing! And then we went later on the way home and walked around old town Budva which was quaint but very small.  So what I have gathered is that Dubrovnik (where i was last year) is this giant fortified city on the water.  Kotor is a smaller version of Dubrovnik and then Budva (where were staying) is a smaller version of Kotor.

This was our drive back to Budva.  A look out that let us see where we were!

And here's the outer walls of old town Budva.

And inside the walls - yet another beach!

Stopping for a drink on the walls!

My very Euro looking friends as they stroll through old town.

And then back home for Mexican food that Ioana requested!  We have all the fixings for authentic including chips and taco shells and guac and all that stuff!  Bet not a typical local meal!  But a great way to end a relaxing day!  With bellies full of Mexican food!

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