Monday, April 23, 2012


I've been away too long again.  I admit it - I can be a lazy one.  I look at my bookmark and I think "I could do a post quick" and then I get sidetracked and then I just get lazy.  Sorry that you all must suffer this unbearable flaw of mine...

My quick catch up - just as busy as ever.  Can't remember when I last blogged but I do know that I was in Atlanta, well, at least I flew into Atlanta, last week.  I worked down by Columbus, GA, which is apparently very close to Auburn.  I know this because as I drove, it was kind of like War of the Worlds where all of a sudden, I'm listening to the radio and it goes staticey and blank and then these voices come in from another world - the world of Auburn.  The world where they report on the new house of Coach Blah Blah and the frat house fire on Blah Blah and how the new cafeteria is serving up Asian and the horrible injury of some golfer on the Auburn team.  Crazy.  I didn't actually even know that Auburn was down there and - whats more, I didn't realize that the full force Auburn loving Georgians that I know actually are passionate about a university thats in ALABAMA!  Does that even seem right?  Yes, its very close to the border, but come on - a true Illinoisian would never root for or passionately defend anything Badgerish, no matter how close or how good the team.  Its Wisconsin!

So - anyways - Columbus proved to be a great account.  I worked there for most of the day and they loved me and I actually loved them.  I love those accounts that its mutual love:)

I had gone into Atlanta the night before and I actually met up with my friend, Michele, who lives near the airport.  We hung together and did dinner and I even got her to go on a run with me on this fabulous trail thats right by her apartment.  After I worked the next day, I even had a chance to stop by the hair salon she works at before I went to catch my flight.  She actually starts support raising to go to Budapest to do a year long stint with Campus Crusade there - she went for her initial training this past weekend so she's hoping to be over in Hungary for August.  I still plan on doing the fall BHHP trip and my friend Jodi will be back in Budapest by then as well so Michele, Jodi and I are going to do a little side trip together after BHHP.  We're still trying to figure out where we're going but our imaginations are going wild - with the restraints of cheap tickets and we can only go 3 days... We're slightly thinking Paris, but we also are toying with the idea of somewhere in Greece?  We'll see.

This week - I'm in Oklahoma City today.  I worked with a friend so we finished up a little early and got to hang out for a while and catch up.  It was great and I'm now headed back home for the week - but I won't get back into Chicago until 1 a.m. -- ugh - thats ridiculous.

I have a few meetings and some other things planned this week and then on Saturday I have to leave for a conference in Albuquerque until Wednesday.  Its going to be a really busy conference unlike the last one I went to for AORN.  IAHCSMM keeps me hopping because its all my field (stands for International Assoc of Hospital Central Sterile and Materials Management).  I always love this conference but this year I'm a little anxious as I get back on Wednesday, have Thursday and then I leave for ITALY on Friday.  I think I'm kind of mostly packed or at least have my lists and my piles of stuff - I just have to put it together.

That being said - Sorry again that I took so long for an update but as you can see - its the same old same old.  I was feeling guilty and obligated so I got on :)  I promise to TRY to keep up in Italy, but our wifi may be a little limited, which I'm actually kind of liking so - I may have to do like Virgin Islands and do all my posts off-line and then put them up in one huge throw.  We'll see.

I'm off to catch my Chicago flight!  Night!

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