Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moo You, Wisconsin!

I know why cows are happy in California! Wouldn't you rather be here roaming around on these green hills than stuck in the snow drifts in the dairy state?! And this all was actually only on a hiking trail that I had a chance to run last night when I got in. I can't imagine what an actual field that stupid people aren't walking through is like (well, if I were said people I'm not entirely sure I would want to go walking through said field?). It's absolutely gorgeous between San Francisco and San Jose.

Incidentally - Pat, if you're reading this - thank you and Randy for the treadmill! Usually this time of year I'd be trying to work myself back up to my speed and distance after a long winter of hit or miss running. Now - thanks the old treadmill in your basement, no problems clipping up the hill and ran for about 35 minutes without feeling the hand of death. So - thank you...

And thank those blissfully happy cows that shared the trail with me. PS - Wisconsin cows, Ill try to take a few of you with me next time I come this way - state break 2013!

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