Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thanks To Those ID Checkers!

I'm in Indianpolis this week.  Today ended earlier than it began.... left me with some free time later in the afternoon so I headed to Keystone Mall to grab some tea at Teavana.  I never make it downtown Chicago and have enough time to get my favorite "Precious White Peach Tea" so when I'm near a Teavana - I jump at the chance.

Anyways - hit Teavana and another store or two and then headed to Starbucks for coffee and some computer time to finish some work.

As I'm staying with the Indy cousins, Tammy and Don, I usually take them out to dinner in lieu of my room payment ;)  We were planning on meeting at The Cheesecake Factory which is right across from Starbucks so I planned to sit there to do some work for a while and then just go over and grab a table when they were headed over.

About 4 I landed at Starbucks, 4:15ish sat down with my coffee and about 4:45 headed over to Cheesecake Factory.  Got our table, had dinner and conversation, got the bill, went to reach for my wallet to pay....


I did that thing I usually do when I first look in my purse and can't find what I need (I do this a lot with my phone) - I literally drop my purse, close my eyes, push my panic down with my hands and say outloud "don't panic".  It usually works because then I calmly look back in the purse and find the missing object.

Tonight I did all the right stuff - I did it about 3 times, but every time I looked in the purse - it still came up sans le wallet.  EEEK!

I retraced my steps between Starbucks and Cheesecake (I had deposited all bags at car and then headed to Starbucks and paid for coffee so I know there was no other place it would be at).  Everyone was looking for it and couldn't find it and it suddenly started hitting me that it had indeed been stolen.  There was a brief moment where I had put all my things at the little table I was sitting at by the counter, purse on chair, but I know it was closed.  I had walked about 5 feet away to grab sugar at the coffee bar, facing my table, for a brief second or two I know I did turn my back to reach across for a napkin.  Theres no other answer I can offer.

I'm not panicked, I'm not frustrated or anything - I'm kind of like "whatever" --- but my thought is "this is just the biggest pain in the rear...."  Gotta get the drivers license again - just what I wanted a weekend at the DMV.  Had to call all my 1000 credit cards (not quite, but enough).  Have to get my AAA and all my frequent flier cards and such again.  Its just tedious and time consuming.  I did get every card called tonight and I think I'll be good to go again by next week when I leave for Omaha on Tuesday.  We'll see.

Incidentally - there were 3 charges on-line made with one of my cards, I'm not being held responsible for those.  All the others seemed fine - even the company card.

But I do have to say this -- I had purchased things from about 3 different stores in the mall there and every store asked to see my ID.  I have to say -- thank you!  Its one thing to look at my signature - I think someone could probably forge that pretty quick.  But, you can't forge my face -- well, I don't know that you'd want to :)  I just have to say thank you to all those vendors out there who, whether the back is signed or not, ask to check ID with credit cards.  You may have just saved me some disputes with credit card companies tonight......  Keep up the good work!

And I expect to be up and running again by next week.  Thank goodness I'm staying with family who can spot me the money to get gas to get home - its weird not having any moola.... I don't like it .... but I suppose its good for me to experience :)

Goodnight Indianpolis with your thieving teenager punks who I'm very angry at (this is a presumption of course) - Goodnight Chase Bank that won't give me any money without a picture ID, never mind the fact that everything including my picture ID was stolen - Goodnight Indianapolis Police department that filed my report and gave me a report number that I won't be able to use until Monday - Goodnight Omaha where I'm going next week and I'm trusting that the honest people of Nebraska would not take my wallet out of my purse but would in fact chase me down if I dropped a dollar out of my pocket --- I'm counting on you and your good cornfed people to renew my faith in my fellow-man.....

Goodnight faith ID checkers of America - keep doing your job well!....

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