Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's A Sad Day

Yesterday was a horribly horribly sad day for me. It will literally alter my whole existence from next Sunday on. It's an injustice, it's a tragedy, it's a life-alterring experience that's, yes, a travesty!

I went to get coffee yesterday afternoon at my favorite coffee shop and I was greeted by a sign on the window that I presumed to mean the store would be closed on next Sunday or something. The store was horribly crowded and everyone ordering was walking away with a shocked look and the girl at the register, the manager, was actually kind of crying. I've gotten pretty close to the people there - in fact, it's kind of a joke that one of the guys, Michael, always calls me Ali and so sometimes I'm smart back and call him Mike. So they tell me, the store is closing - period. I guess there are like 80 stupid Caribous that are being closed. Like Kim says, it must be bad corporate management - but that totally ticks me off. Seriously! I used to hate Caribou and now it's where I travel where there is no caribou and I just dream of coming home to get my caribou.

I literally have been really dejected yesterday and today --- it's like saying "Pat, were doing away with fountain dirt coke. You'll never again be able to have fountain diet coke except on certain occasions when you're in the state of Minnesota." Now do you have empathy!!!!

My basic thing right now is I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing for coffee. I hate Starbucks now that I'm a Caribou girl. What do I do?!!!?

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