Friday, May 3, 2013

Things To Stare At While One Waits

I haven't even had time to catch up from my crazy Hungary trip which Ill post on that at some point.

Yesterday I flew from Chicago over to DC and then down to Miami to do a training session for a bunch of reps at a small sales facility there. Then I ran back to the Fort Lauderdale airport to catch a flight back to DC to come back to ohare where I now stand staring at Butch Ohares plane in terminal 2 waiting for my friend Heather to meet me. And then at 9pm we board a plane to fly to San Diego for me to attend a Saturday through Wednesday conference with the IAHCSMM convention.

I'm tired.... But I can't wait for the conference!!!!

Update - I'm now standing at the car rental facility in San Diego - it's 12:40 am and the lady at the counter is taking her sweet bippy time checking some French guys in.... I actually had a much cheaper reservation with Fox but the dork shuttle driver took 30 minutes to come around and when he did come, he did this gliding stop and left me and another girl in the dust. So, I decided to revolt against Fox when the nice shuttle driver from National said they had cars available. Its the principle of the matter you know. Anyways, Heather and I were actually on two different flights at the same time - I left only about 15 minutes late. She left about 2.5 hours late. So, I figure I'm in no rush when she's still not going to be to the room for another 3 hours...:(. If I'm actually doing something constructive too then it distracts the anger lobe of my brain so I don't notice how livid I should be at the, now Mexican guys, standing at the counter, shoulders shrugging and "no English"Ing... I'm in another place - a blog place.... I must stay there in order to keep my 1 am insanity from creeping out.... Eep - my turn? Please?:)

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