Sunday, May 5, 2013

Don't Whine About Our Wine!

Yesterday was workshop day at the conference with a bunch of hands on seminars from everything about how to check for breaks in endoscope insulation to how to organize the flow of back table set up. Enlightening!:). It actually can be.

But the highlight of the day was that Heather and I decided it was Saturday so what better way to celebrate weekend vacations on cinco de maya than to head to California wine country. Unfortunately, from San Diego, napa valley is way too far, but, yay, they have wine country in Temecula Valley, CA. So we jumped in the rental and drove an hour out to see some grapes!

It was beautiful vineyards and mountains out that way, pretty crazy at the major vineyards, but we kind of went to the end of the vineyard line to two relatively small little vineyards, Chapin Valley Vineyard and Rolfo Vineyard. We walked the Rolfo Vineyard and drank wine with the Chapins since they had a great little outside patio area and the sun was out and the breeze was blowing. Lovely atmosphere - bad wine. Heather must have thrown about 5 tasting glasses to the ground cover of geraniums by us. I, being the daughter of a man who went through the Great Depression, know that it's a horrible thing to waste, so I dutifully drank all mine...:). Ok, the last one was purple turpentine so I threw that one.

Then we went down to a cute little art fair at another vineyard and walked around and listened to a million old men who were all a million years old and had formed a pretty large, and good, big band. That was fun. We found pomegranate champagne and Heather's Mist wine, chugged some water and then hit the road back to San Diego to find some god Mexican food to celebrate the first of May... We found a cute place in Old Town, but not a good place:). And then we wasted an hour waiting in a line for a place recommended to us called extraordinary desserts - it was not an extraordinary experience...

And today I'm at more seminars!... There will definitely be a fascinating update tomorrow!

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