Friday, July 12, 2013

Goodbye Mickey!

I'm goin home!  Well -by the time you read this, Ill be home!  Can't wait to be free of all that sticky heat, screaming kids and tedious sales meeting goers.... Home!  And what's even better is I get to stay in the great state of Illinois for all of next week.  Granted, Springfield, IL is quite the locale - but it keeps me off a plane and in my relative backyard for the week!

By the way - just a little travel etiquette.  This...... rude in any class!  Just because you can recline your seat back into the person's lap in back of you - doesn't mean you should.  Think about people around you - because you may end up being one of them...... 

1 comment:

Karl said...

you should pretend to be a dental hygienist and ask him when he last had his teeth cleaned.