Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Second Midwest Tour

Another Midwest tour this short week!

Sunday night I flew into St Louis to head back over to Breese, IL to start a product trial Monday morning.  These are seriously the nicest people ever living in the middle of a really extensive corn field! I couldn't have had a better Monday!  On top of that I got to see Cathy, one of the most hilarious friends I have!

Tuesday morning has found me back at St Louis Lambert to fly back to Chicagi and now I sadly sit here waiting for a delayed flight to Omaha.  We're supposed to have an afternoon meeting but I don't even know if Ill make it.

From Omaha later in the day, Ill rent a car and drive the 3 hours to KS City in order to drive home with Brittany for Thanksgiving!  Yay!  Short week!!!!

Until Thursday!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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