Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday In The Forbidden City

I got into Beijing last night as smooth as can be.  Great flight, great customs entry, great people to pick me up and even got back to my hotel after dinner by 9pm so I got into bed at a really decent hour and slept soundly until I had to wake up at 7am.  Thank you God!

Today one of the women from the company were working with here came to pick me up to do a tour of the Forbidden Palace.  That place is massively huge!!!! We walked solid for about an hour and a half with little stopping.  Crazy!

So I don't know if the Chinese think I'm famous, but a few of them stopped us along the way in the City to ask the woman I was with if they could have their picture taken with me.  I hate my picture being taken period, but how can you say no to those little faces:)

The company were working with here has been treating us like royalty... They have us eating these huge meals three times a day and they're trying to give us every imaginable Chinese dish.  This afternoon we has dumplings - delicious.  The evening we did a restaurant famous for a roasted duck that somewhat like Peking duck.  But it took an hour so we sat and ate all these other dishes - some wonderful - some crazy.  The worst thing I've had so far is "duck hand"... On actually taking it - it was a foot... A literal webbed foot up to its little kneecap so you eat this thing with the bone and all... Crunch crunch... Not my fave...

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Karl said...

ah yes . . . ducks feet. I never had the 'guts' to try that, or the chicken feet. So . . . where's the pictures of the forbidden city?! Or is taking pictures forbidden?