Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coming Home

All over this week.  Milwaukee, Osh Kosh and then in San Francisco for two days.... So tired - full flight - sitting next to an old guy who is in his cell phone talking loudly and thinks he's cool saying "what the sh... " and "he doesn't know what the he.. He's doing..." And all kinds of other inappropriate words.  Wah!  I got upgraded coming out but, whine, now I have to sit with all the moronic people on the way home.... Help me.

Tons of shopping to do this weekend.  I leave for China (work) on Monday and am spending 3 extra days with some friends there so using my 3, 70 lb bags to bring them stuff.  Pray it all gets through no problems and pray I get everything in for them and the kids!

See you in Chicago!

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