Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things We Experienced In Greece - My Vacation As A Greek

Ah - all things Greek!  A whole different way of life!  I had to share one of the strangest 3 day adventures of my life so you can all be prepared just in case you ever decide to go.

Lets start with the Good Greek!

BUGATZA!  AaaaaaHhhhhh!!!!!  It's the phyllo dough, creme filled, warm bundle of wondrous joy that travels through your mouth and makes you smile and then hits your stomach and starts an inner glow in you!  You CANNOT miss this stuff!  But beware because they also sell bugatza with meat filling and mushroom filling and feta filling and those do not make your mouth smile and your inners glow like the creme does:)
Spannikpoita!  I've always loved it but its even better in Greece.  I like the spinach and feta one.
I must admit, as Ioana says - anything wrapped in phyllo dough makes you smile!

And let's get the true a Greek salad right shall we.... There is NO- let me repeat - NO lettuce in a true Greek salad.  It's big beautiful chunks of fresh tomato, slices of cucumber, assorted peppers from red to white, kalamata olives (mouth is once again smiling..), oil and - we can't forget the topper - fresh feta.  Big blocks of feta that taste amazing!  I'm not one of the millions who naturally love feta, but true Greek feta is smooth and creamy tasting and delicious!  So - get that lettuce out of my Greek salad because it just is a waste if space!!!!
Now we move to the Bad Greece....

Stray dogs everywhere - everywhere - everywhere.... Wait a minute - did I mention there are stray dogs everywhere?  They're usually these huge brutes if dogs and some of them seem terribly nice, not that I ever tried to find out... But they hang around you and often look pitiful - this one we saw had a huge splash of yellow paint across his side:(. I think he was a puppy the way he acted - not so jaded as the others.
Oh here's one - who would have know that such a popular country - you can't flush your toilet paper!  Seriously - no where - Ioana said even most hotels are like that too.  There's always this exact sign and a little trash can by the toilet.  How did this place become such a vacation destination????!!!!

I don't know if this is a bad or good, but a lot if these major cities have these old buildings just popping up in the midst of modern, nasty dirty buildings.  Such a contrast!
And last -I couldn't get a picture of this but - driving!  Eek!!! Actually - The formula 1 driver in me kind of loved it.  Those people are CRAZY!  They don't stop at signs or lights, they double park right in the middle of a major street -just as long as you put your hazards on you can just park anywhere!  If you're driving down a road and are going faster than the person in front if you, that person will just move over and drive on the shoulder so you can zip past (great idea America!!!!!). Ioana told me that I would indeed be special if I ever did get a ticket in Greece as they just don't give tickets there - to quote her "they're just too lazy"... It takes too much work to pull someone over...

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