Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's been a long week....
From Madison to Minneapolis to Springfield and St Louis - I drove almost 3000 miles last week alone.... Bah!

So here's my week in quick review because I actually stopped to "smell the roses" and made my drive interesting....

I was so close to breezing into Breese, IL and right when I saw the town markings - blam - here's a slow moving garbage truck blocking the way.  But - I did make it there on time and was so pleasantly greeted by the nicest hospital staff ever!  Mission accomplished!

I loved the drive as I went along 55 - complete back roads Illinois!

And then to take the cake, I passed this sigh on the way in for "Mother Jones' Monument" and I was so intrigued I had to google it and then I decided I had to stop and see this thing on the way back...

Here's a little synopsis on Mother Jones

And here's the actual deal...

The monument was off of Route 66 so I decided to take a short drive just to say I'd driven on it... It's pretty sadly deserted..
And then there's this old Shell gas station that is being kept to look like it did during the rte 66 heyday.
And then I got home and had four hours before I had to go for the weekend.  They had asked me to help with a youth group activity and, as I've been missing youth group and being with them, I said yes without thinking... But I don't think I would have changed my answer even if I had thought about it...:)

So here I am at Key Lime Cove water resort trying to keep up with the teens and doing bible studies - I miss it:)

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