Sunday, October 13, 2013

It'a Always A Race

It's the morning of my departure from Budapest.  Although it was an extremely pleasant surprise to find my flight left much later than I thought and even better to find out that Leslie and Amanda's flight left about the same time so we could all go to the airport together, we still had that stressful feeling of "get there"...

And even more appropriate for that race to the airport feeling, there was a marathon that started right by the Marriott about the same time that we were supposed to leave for the airport.  Ahhh!  Of course, it added to the anxiety seeing one of the major roads in Budapest blocked off for this race, but Hod is good and gave us friends like Michelle who kept reminding us that it was all good and we would be okay.... We were totally okay...:). Thanks Michelle!

I'm now sitting on my Brussels Air flight to Brussels listening to French people "voulez vous"ing and French laughing.  Once I get to Brussels it's a quick jump to another gate to board a flight for DC where Ill then board a flight for Chicago.  

I'm coming home Mr Calvin!:)

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