Saturday, October 12, 2013

Last Night - Sad Face

We just got back from Greece this evening and met up with Michelle for one last night together:(. It was a beautiful evening and we walked across from the Marriott to one of the boat restaurants and had dinner.

We're now sitting in the Marriott lounge watching the rain pour down - we just got into the hotel when it started.  We're looking at the castle and watching the number 2 tram run past.  People out walking have darted in under the Marriott outdoor canopy and they're now sitting there waiting for they rain to stop.

It's a relaxing evening as I thought I had to leave at 6am tomorrow and just looked up my flight - yay - I actually leave at 1 pm which means I can hang out a little later and take a cab with Leslie and Amanda to the airport.  

So for now - we sit and talk and enjoy one last evening in Budapest!

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