Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When In Greece - Don't Plan On Plans!

Thursday started with great intentions of jumping in the car mid morning and doing a quick one hour drive up to Macedonia just to check out a little village and then get back home to meet with Ioana and some of the other A21 office workers.  We planned to be back to meet them and do dinner and hair cuts and all around 3:30pm so we were on a schedule.  

First our morning got all messed up as we couldn't shop for dinner the night before so had to get over and do it in the morning.  It ended up about 11 by the time we got on the road and then, as mentioned with the Greek signs, we went around and around and ended up giving up in Macedonia and heading to the beach at Halkidiki.  
We stayed there for an hour or two and I even fell asleep on one of the beach chairs there - guess I was more tired than I thought!

Since we knew the way, getting back the flat was a piece of cake.  Ioana was already there and so Amanda started coloring and cutting her hair and I started dinner.

About three hours later, the other four girls came and got their hair done and then we ate dinner.  It was a fun time and I know that it was a good time for us all to get to know each other and share the ministry if A21.  

If you get a chance - look up The A21 (Abolishing Human Trafficking in the 21st Century) Campaign online and see how you can help and pray!

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