Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's All Greek To Me!

After three days in Greece, I've discovered what the phrase "it's all Greek to me" means!  I have survived - and excelled (or should I say accelerated:)) at driving in Thessaloniki (think New York, London and Rome and then multiply it by three - that's how crazy the drivers are there - I seriously can't even explain how crazy!).  I've figured out the Greek highway system.  I've found the way to our apartment a billion times (they all look the same and so does the landscape).  And all with being able to figure out full Greek signs!  Even the English translation they do are in Greek (Athens is in Greek letters and then in the English Atina - and that was the easiest to figure out).  They did even try to humor the English speakers - they just out it all in Greek.  And in Greek if they say the stop is Bulyari, you can even recognize it because its spelled with Greek letters.  It was literally ALL Greek to me!

Wednesday we got into Thessaloniki, met Ioana and then got our itty bitty rental car that we loaded up with three large suitcases and three smaller carry on bags that were so big and heavy they made us check them...:(. Then we crammed four people into our little Ford something or other and zoomed off to our apartment right outside the city.

We unloaded all the stuff for the A21 offices at the apartment and went through them, separating foundation from blush, eyeshadow from mascara.  Some of the donations are being sent to other rescue locations in the Ukraine and Bulgaria.  They were all so excited with all the make up and clothing donations they received.  It was fun to be able to share that.

It took us a few hours to go through everything and then Ioana took us downtown Thessaloniki for dinner - we had to stop at Starbucks :). And I'm excited they still have the same Starbucks mugs that I've collected so I can add to my international set.  Yay!

Back to the apartment for a nice long rest!

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