Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thursday - Last Week

Thursday took me with a partially new team to a high school in Obudai that I'd been to two years ago. 
Its a school that's pretty far out but it's the friendliest school I've worked with.  Most schools will give you a little snack between classes, but this school goes all out.  Their students and their parents all bring baked goods and treats in just for us so between classes we can sit and nosh...:)

We then went into 5 classrooms - well, there were technically 6 classes, but I had to leave early by myself.

I had to go back to the hotel early because three of us "returning" BHHPers met up with a staff friend, Ibi, who had just gotten married and wanted us to see her new house and meet her new husband, Norbi.

We then had the evening for a city tour if we wanted it ( on the Danube), or just hanging out.  A lot of us returning ones decided just to go out to eat at this place I love, it's Hungarian, but the name is translated "ham faces".  So delish!  Ok - the picture above was actually Burger King ... Not as delish...:). But their Kookies And Kreme BKKooler is so yummy...

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