Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Monday morning started at a leisurely 9am with a devotion and then launching right into training for the week.  We had spots by almost everyone on staff - training consisted of introduction to the ministry, intro to the people and the schools, training on being in the classrooms and evangelism.... FEK is great at covering all bases.

We got out of training at about 3pm and then either met in our small break out group (the one we'll be in for the week) or just were released to our own devices.  FEK was gracious enough to block our late arriving Crossroads group off for the evening (they didn't get into their rooms and beds until about 2am their day of arrival so they were pretty exhausted).  So they were able to wander around the city, get an early dinner and an early bedtime.

In the meantime I went out to my good old Torkay dorm where I've been going from my first year.  It's about an hour drive out to this dorm - the crazy thing is this is a dorm all the freshman are at so they do this commute every day.  Crazy!

We did some small tables with speaking English, with American food, some videos and different things.  We had a ton of students who came - more than most years.  There were some really friendly students and we all went out afterwards where they made a bonfire and we taught them how to make s'mores.  

Please pray for Estzer and Estzer (who are roommates).  I met them and an we clicked and I'm inviting them for Thanksgiving.

Today - Tuesday, were in classrooms and dorms so please pray for conversations and meetings!

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