Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday - Not A Day Of Rest For Everyone

Sunday morning, pretty early, I arrived back in my beautiful Budapest!  As soon as I landed at Ferighy I always get excited, but once I get in the taxi and pass the wonderfully amazing Museum of Fine Arts, I get this excited rush of "being home".  I love love this city - and these people!

I got to the hotel, quick showered and then met John and Debbie Davis from our group who had arrived the evening before.  We then hopped the 7E to Blaha to attend church at Golgota (which is Calvary Chapel).  The church is pastored by an American guy, Phil Metzger, who has been in Budapest for ages so the service is a great mix of Hungarian and English.  The service was from Mark about how nothing we do can 

After service, we went around the corner for lunch and then headed back for some rest and for me to meet up with some other friends I hadn't seen in a while.  

By 1:30 the rest of our Crossroads group was supposed to have arrived in Budapest, however, sadly, the had been delayed from Chicago to London and so they missed their connection to Budapest  and weren't able to get on a flight out until 8:55 pm so they didn't even get in to Budapest until after midnight.  Poor people!  

But the good news is- they did get in safe and sound and all their bags as well!  A rough start - but a good start!!!!!

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