Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And Here I Sit And Wait... AHHHH!!!!!!!!

I'm going a little crazy as of this past week and it won't be stopping anytime soon...:(

Last week was crazy work week and when you're out of town that means that your personal life is crazy as well as you don't really get anything done on the home front.

This week is not any better....

I have so much to do for work and I haven't even started packing for Hungary yet - I just have my bags sitting downstairs - empty and making Calvin all depressed.  I leave in Saturday and I'm barely home before then.

I've been frantically working on a training presentation for a new customer we have in China.  I finally finished it up today but I'm sure they'll all find plenty wrong with it before I give the presentation.  

I had decided that I wanted to be ahead of the game so I figured that I'd get to the Chinese consulate before I leave for Hungary and put in for my visa as when I get back my schedule is crazy for getting downtown.  

I printed my application off, got my pictures, my invite letter - all was good.  I called on one of my Chicago accounts in the morning and then went over to the consulate to catch them when they got back at 1pm from lunch.  I sat there and waited - the windows opened and they started calling numbers.  I'm listening as they're all taking and I hear things about copies of passports and flight info and hotel info - none of which I had.  I start texting my boss as he'd been there a few months before.  He doesn't remember what he needed but he does say "aren't you going out of country this weekend?" "Yes" I say.  "Then how can you get your visa?"  Duh!!!!! I totally didnt even remember that they need to keep my passport to do a visa!  Ah!!! All that time sitting there and all I could say when I finally got to the window (which dog gone I finished my waiting time since I had sat there so long already!) was "is the any chance I can get my visa by this Friday?  No?  Thanks! Bye!"  

How do you say "darn it!!!" In Chinese?..:( 
Well - that's back on my plate for when I get home!

Oh - an aside.. If I ever commit some horrible crime - I finally have a picture that the evening news can use with my headline story... And you'll never see it unless that horrible crime happens or - you can secretly nab my passport....:). I can take good good pictures, but I like to do things well so when I do take a bad picture, I take an extremely good bad picture.... Those Chinese will have a good lunch break laugh when I do turn my paperwork in.....

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