Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Ever Wonder!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to "business travel" in Iowa?

So everyone - EVERYONE - is nice to you.  Not just like nice but like, oh my word, someone not from Iowa has come to see us!  And then they give you slobbery wet kisses like a puppy.. Well not quite, but close.

One time when I flew into Dubuque or Ames or some "medium sized" city like that - I was on a small commuter planewith about 10 men and we landed, got off the plane and right in front of us were the rental car counters.  I used to rent Budget  then and so as I'm walking off the plane, the woman at the Budget counter loudly and eagerly says "Alison?"

In the winter they have these gates across the highway entrances and exits and they close the highway down if there's too much snow or ice - which is often.

People move VERY slowly here.

The hospital I'm at, the vendors have to wear red bouffant hats instead of blue and so I'm back in the department today and another woman vendor walks in and stares at me incredulously and then comes over and says "I never see other females in red hats!..."  (That is not a national typical - there are plenty of women sales reps in the rest of the country...)

And this made me laugh yesterday when I flew into Des Moines .  I was so concerned about getting in and getting over to my account.  I landed at 7:30 and I had to be there around 8:30/9.  I rush out and sign in with my rental car and then I go to space B15 and I look up and this is what I see....

I'm standing at my rental car, looking at the plane I just flew in on.... Crazy!!!!!:). Oh by the way - I landed at 7:30 and was sitting in the hospital lobby 5 minutes to 8...

Have a good day wherever you are - and I'm presuming its someplace bigger than where I'm at - but probably not friendlier!...

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