Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday - Last Week

This was our travelling team for two of the 4 days we were out on campuses.  John, Debbie, me, Amanda and Lynn.  We had a blast!

Wednesday, Amanda and I actually broke off in the morning and went to a humanities university that I'd never been to.  It's where language studies and such go.  We set up a SSK (student survival kit) table in the common area and caught students between classes, getting them to take the packets with info on FEK and God and getting them to fill out these surveys about what they're interested in, what kind of talks they'd like, and if they'd be interested in talking about God.

We ended up getting like 650 surveys back within about 3 hours.  That's a great return from my past experience!

How sweet, Amanda and I got a free afternoon then to go get coffee and go back to our hotel to get ready for the Wednesday night FEK event.  It was a well needed rest by that time.

We hooked back up with the whole group (all 21 Americans) to go to the Africafe in the Corvinus city dorm.  We had to help get ready for the event at 6:30.

When the event started it was actually pretty packed.  There were somewhere around 200 plus students and one of the Americans helping with the symposium spoke about a life topic (I'm fuzzy because I actually spent the time sitting and talking to my old friend Hajni who I met in the dorms about 7 or 8 years ago.  It was a sweet time to catch up a little and see her as its once a year we get to face to face connect.

So many old friends and plenty of new!....

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