Wednesday, December 24, 2014

So Many Christmas Joys!

Yes!  It was an exciting Christmas Eve for me as I completed defrosting and cleaning out the downstairs freezer.  So many joys awaited me after years of ice piling up.  Granted- it actually was a rush to get it all organized and deiced and cleaned out with a strong disinfectant. Check!  That's off my list and that's a gift indeed!

Running around doing this and that.  Finding many reasons to be thankful to God for protection and family and good friends and love and so much more!  The older you get, sometimes the more appreciative you get!

Later on in the Christmas Eve evening, we did our traditional family gathering at my aunts with that whole side of the family.  Food, lots of it!  Laughing, lots of that!  Singing, some would say, unfortunately a lot if this:). Not bad - it's tradition and its just what we do to celebrate the holidays!

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy family, a day off, good times, nice weather - whatever you want to be thankful for this holiday!  

And I'm sharing my Christmas flowers with you!!!!  
Merry Christmas!


Karl said...

you defrosted and cleaned the freezer? you should get a silver star for that!

Alison B said...

You don't even know!... I deserve way more than a silver star for this! This was MOMS freezer you know! Can you even eat chicken nuggets that have been frozen for 10 years???? :)