Monday, February 15, 2016

My Valentine!

Year number two and my fabulous (sometimes funny:) Valentine is still showering me with gifts and love!  And I once again have a memento to bring to work with me!:)

Saturday we had a fun afternoon up by Milwaukee!  Catching up as it had been a while (ok almost a week which seemed FOREVER!) since we had time together.

Then Saturday later afternoon we came back and my Valentine made dinner and had me and mom over.  
He made a turkey and stuffing and veggies and all!  And gave us both gifts and gushy Valentine's Day cards!

Then he bundled us into his car and took us to Lincolnshire to The Cheesecake Factory for desert.  As the picture tells - but this point, actually long before, he had my heart but my mom was gone too!

When we got home mom said "thank you Alison" and I said "I didn't do anything?..." To which she replied "you let Sean into your life!"  SO sappy!:). But true!:)

Sunday after late morning service we took the long scenic route downtown Milwaukee and I was reminded how smart my Valentine is!  He told me all about the Red Arrow Brigade which the scenic route is named after.  Ok - I could be totally wrong about that name because I admit I'm always just so impressed with his smarts that when he starts talking about smart things I kind of just go into adoring mode and don't really hear him.   I really do need to listen more to his history lessons as I would learn so much!

We arrived right on time at our reservation destination... Our favorite restaurant - it was kind of he scene of our first date I'd call it.  Lake Park Bistro sitting up on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan.  And as the snow fell we enjoyed a delicious three course brunch!

And when we went to leave we noticed a bunch of cars parked down by the lake and, like the lemmings we are, we had to join them to see what was going in.  Massive waves of ice crashing on the shore and forming these walls of ice!

Sunday was spent watching my all time favorite, and romantic movie "Persuasion".  So sappy but so good!

I think my Valentine's Day was so good because I have such a good Valentine!:). So much to be thankful for!  So much to be happy for!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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