Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My apologies for the fuzzy downloaded pictured, but its the best I could do in light of my extreme emotional yogurt-less pain.  About five or six years ago when I first landed on the shores of my mother's family's motherland (aka England), I popped into a Tesco (which is like their Target/SuperTarget) for groceries and I discovered eternal bliss!  I discovered Tesco Finest Yogurt!  That day, in Bolton on Dearne, my yogurt expectations were forever changed.  Before, I ate yogurt because its supposed to be good for you and its a quick breakfast, blah blah blah.  After that day, I stockpiled my Tesco Finest Yogurt and ate it on EVERY occasion.  Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast (twice there).  Its the MOST AMAZING YOGURT ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!  Of course, because its England, they use like cream and all this decadent stuff so its really not even like eating yogurt.  I can't even explain the taste, but its heaven!  

So, the next time I went back to England I at once stockpiled again and then I did my day countdown based on how much longer I had to eat Tesco Finest Yogurt - yes - its THAT good!

I went to Hungary, to Japan and Germany and rushed to their Tesco to find Finest Yogurt - it doesn't exist outside of England :(

But, last night, I made a trek from my hotel in Millbrae down to the Safeway a few blocks away.  I have a mini fridge in my room so I picked up some food to do breakfasts and such.  I usually get Chobani Greek Yogurt as I'm obsessed with that (but thanks to my friend Cathy, I have to buy the fruit stuff, but I no longer mix the fruit up into the yogurt but just eat the top -- mom says "just get vanilla", but its different - the sweet from the fruit carries up and makes the plain old yogurt just delicious).  Anyways - I reached for the Chobani and then I noticed a sales on Danon Oikos Greek Yogurt.  I've eaten it before but not been that impressed.  But the sale yogurt that said Oikos looked a little different than the containers that I'd usually eaten out of.  So I grabbed 4 (as the sale was 4 for $5) - the only flavor available being raspberry and that made me a little sad because I usually only do strawberry.  

This morning, I was getting ready to go and I grabbed a yogurt, popped it open and noticed right away that it was like premixed fruit flavor.  The fruit is usually on the bottom and the yogurt on top is white, but this yogurt was a light pink and you could see some of the raspberries.  Right away I thought, hmm, I've seen this before - in the Tesco yogurt.  I dug my spoon in and put a bite into my innocent mouth - AND I DIED!  AH!!!!  It tasted just like the Tesco Finest Yogurt!  Ok - not exactly - but pretty dog gone close!

I've found it!  Eureka!  Honestly - you don't know how often I think about that yogurt!  And I've found it!  So - if you want to get a little taste of England's Tesco Finest Yogurt - go out and grab a container of Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt...  Its a solid blue container that says "traditional", not the fruit on the bottom one.  The blue container shape looks kind of like the Chobani container.

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