Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flying Puppies In San Antonio

So here's the quickie story....

I worked with a rep in San Antonio at the beginning of the year.  During the day, Marion told Katie (who was the other rep who was with us as well) and me about her daughter, Abbi.  Abbi was crazy obsessed with animals and, more specifically, dogs.  She had been begging for a dog since like kindergarten and she's now 11.  She loves animals so much that she always begs to go with friends or anyone who is taking their dog to the vet - she just wants to be by those doggies.  

Katie showed Marion a picture of her westies and I showed her picts of Calvin, the wonder Airedale.... She LOVED my baby and she asked me to send the picts to her.  I did, and she showed Abbi just because she thought she'd think he was so cute.  She was not thinking about getting the dog, but Abbi absolutely fell in love with my Cal Cal - who could blame her.  She begged and begged and - she even went so far as to study up on Airedales and she put a power point presentation together.  She put a ppt presentation together to "sell" Marion on getting an Airedale.  Ah - Marion has taught her well... :)  Marion actually made a copy of the presentation for me and Abbi has all these facts and stuff about them - and then she has the "credits" page with all of her resources and - I'm at the end "special thanks to Alison Behn".  Isn't that HILARIOUS!  This little 11 year old puts a sales presentation together!

Long and short, one day Marion calls me and asks me if I could go and take a look at some puppies and pick one out for them.  I ended up saying that if she gets some work together for me then I'd just bring the puppy down for them so they don't have to ship it down by itself.

The only issue was that, the puppy was supposed to be picked up last Friday and I couldn't leave until Tuesday so - for a few days, I got to be thankful that I don't have a puppy... :)  I'm very happy with my CC and all of his wonderful good boy behavior.  Don't get me wrong, Chance was a wonderful puppy - he didn't really have any accidents in the house and as soon as you put him out he'd pee.  He slept most of the nights, but he was still a puppy and you had to watch him.  It was overall just busy and tiring.

When I got to the breeders house to pick up the puppy, there were three little boys, two different families, who were also waiting to pick up their puppies.  They were adorable.  The two boys were Russian or something and they were a really cute family - very smart and quiet but you could tell they were so excited to get their first puppy.  The little boy here below was about 6 and they didn't tell him until they came into Janet's (the breeders) house that he was getting a puppy.  Oh my word - you should have seen the look on his face.  He was just so so excited!  We all had to sit around waiting for the people to come with the puppies - they were coming from OH so they ended up being late.  This little boy kept on going to the front door and looking out and when he saw them coming he was just screaming and jumping up and down "they're here they're here - the puppies are here!"  His mom had to go over and say "be calm" and then he was just trying to stand still while he screamed "ok, ok, ok...."  It was so adorable!  I wanted to cry!  Here he is trying to find the puppy that he wants - he and the other boys were getting girls.  Abbi wanted a boy so I had three to pick from.
These are the three little boys....
After I picked my boy out, I brought him over by my office because I had a bunch of people wanting to see the puppy.  They all fell in love and some of them almost didn't give him back :)

 On Saturday, we took the dogs to the dog park at the beach at Lake MI.   Chance loved the water and he ended up being a real little swimmer.  Pat brought him in and he started doggy paddling right away...
Calvin took a little walk along the beach and then we actually got him to go in and wade around in the water  - it was a pretty hot day so he was actually okay with going in.

 Chance also got a bunch of walks at the dog park.  Well, at least he'd walk for about 5 minutes and then he'd just lay down on the ground and curl up..... That meant it was time to pick him up and walk with him.  When he did walk, he liked to either walk with Cal or gallup along behind him.  It was pretty cute.
 When he was at home - he just liked to "bother" Calvin.  But then, being in the same room with him constituted "bothering" Calvin... Can you see the look in Cal's eyes "WHY?"
 Another walk at the dog park on a cooler day found Randy stuffing the little guy in his shirt to keep him warm.
 Chance gets yelled at by Bailey.  But she was pretty tolerant of him and even started playing with him at the end.
 Here's Chance again in his packing bag -ready for the plane.  He was so so good on the plane that no one even knew I had a dog until we'd go to get off and he'd pop his head out.  We had two flights - one from O'hare to Charlotte and then Charlotte to San Antonio.  He was so good both times.  SUCH a good boy!
 This is Abbi with her puppy....
 This is her brother Robbie who is a senior in high school this year.

 This was the adorable thank you card that Abbi wrote to me - she wrote one to Janet too.  I love it.  Oh - and she's sent Calvin a thank you card too... :)
I was sad to leave little Chance, but I'm happy to go back to my puppy and I'm happy to leave a little girl in San Antonio all smiles with a new puppy!

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Pat said...

We'll miss him. Bailey's almost got her voice back, too!