Thursday, February 9, 2012

Like To Walk - Hate The Gawk

I picked up a rental car from O'hare on Sunday afternoon so that I could drive up to the Twin Cities for work on Monday and Tuesday. It was actually a great trip as I got some great work done and got to see Melissa, the BFF.

My large System account in Minneapolis that I met with was a great visit. They have a new director and theres been a lag between the old one and this new one. So, she asked me to come in and touch base with her to find out all the details of what had happened and where they were and such.

About 2 years ago I had done a detailed analysis for the department which included going through their process and actual site according to national standards and guidelines. Its a really really detailed process and it usually takes me about 2 days to research the site and gather all my info. Once its all done, I compile this huge binder thing thats really sharp and detailed as far as where the problems are and how they can be fixed and approximations of costs to fix and all. I give just about everyone on site a copy of the binder and so that last director had gone through the binder and started fixing things, but then left the binder in his closet when he left the system.

The new director was cleaning the closet the day before I came and found the binder and took it home and just poured through it, not knowing that I, the one who was meeting with her the following day, was the one that had done the binder. When we came into her office, we went through intros and pleasantries and our histories and such and then she pulls out this binder and says "look what I found last night. Its amazing and I'm wondering if you know who did it?" To which I reply "me". She looks at me and says "I love you" :) I always love it when my customers tell me that ;)

She said she had been going through the binder the night before and kept on thinking to herself "I don't know who this person is, but I really really like them". ME! :) We spent a few hours going through the analysis and the department and issues and such. I so look forward to working with her! She's a definite sweetie and really wants to step things up which I love! Yay! Great visit!

Anyways - to the Gawk - so, I got home at about 3 a.m. this morning. Got some stuff done this morning and then needed to take the car back to the airport. When I return my rentals (and a lot of times when I pick them up) at the airport, I like to take the train so that I can save someone else the trip. As the train comes in by the remote parking area which is in the general area where the rentals are, I usually like to walk to and from the station. Even though it is in the general area, there is quite a walk, probably about two miles or so.

Again - don't mind the walk - love it. The thing I hate is that you have to walk on the grass areas on the side of the road as no one usually walks. I can't tell you how many people zoom by you and honk or yell as they pass. I can't quite figure out what it is. To speak to my nephew Joe's comments on his blog the other day - no one walks around HERE... HERE meaning midwest. So - maybe all of the people passing me were born with cars attached to their butts and they can't figure out what I'm doing so they panic and think that I've lost the car thats usually attached to my butt? PEOPLE - ITS CALLED W-A-L-K-I-N-G. You can do it outside of buildings and its completely normal and healthy! Try it!

My other thought is that all of these people think that I'm unusually attractive and so they have to let me know. And to summarize a Jerry Seinfeld stand up act - drive by flirting.... What do they expect me to do, kick off my heels and start chasing them down the road yelling "Wait! I'm attracted to you too!!!!!"

Either way - its the walk I dread!

 STOP HONKING PEOPLE! I'm just trying to get to the train already!

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