Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Story Post

So, I'm going to try something new with my story posts (that I have not been faithful to since the beginning of the year:( )  I'm thinking that I'll post the links for my Wordpress story blog on my Blogger blog every Monday, and then I'll go back to the week before story and tell you the immediate setting.  I like to make up the plot about what my camera is looking at, but I never tell you the deal about where my camera is at!  I'll try it as sometimes its an interesting story....

So -- the last week I posted was the story about ice cream - yum :)

I love the picture.  Of course I do - thats why I used it.  But, what I love about it is that little girl - she's SO european with her little scarf.  EVERYONE in europe wears scarves now and I'm noticing that its "crossing the pond" and a lot of Americans are copying.  Anyways - the picture was taken in Verona, Italy.  The Verona of Romeo and Juliet fame - yes, the balcony and all is there.  But Romeo and Juliet is pretty downplayed in Verona as there is quite a bit more.  My friend Flora and I were walking in the city centre by this ancient Roman coliseum.  We walked around it and it took about 10 minutes - it was huge!  As we finally made out last turn to complete our walk about, we came up behind this little family walking along and reading about the coliseum.  They all had gelato in hand but it was secondary to the tour book they were reading from - the mom, the dad, a son.  All of them looking at the coliseum and then referring to the tour book.

In the background trailed this little girl with her little cup of gelato in hand.  If you've ever been to Italy, the gelato thing is this very small plastic fluted cup and then a tiny little plastic spoon.  They're bright and colorful and all various assortments of shade.  I believe this little girl had pink to match her outfit.  She was intently concentrating on getting the gelato from the cup to her mouth and she trailed some 10 feet or so behind her family, not even looking up, just focussed on her gelato cup.

Too adorable!

Here's this weeks story - try to guess what it is and where it is.....


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