Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm currently down at the AORN convention in New Orleans (AORN = Association of periOperative Room Nurses).  I'm here attending sessions and scoping out competitor products.  AORN is a really important piece of the puzzle in my job as they help to set standards for procedure and protocol when it comes to processing surgical instrumentation.  However, since they are OR nurses, its not their primary focus, hence, I'll attend one or two sessions a day and then I'll have a bunch of free time, save the time I spend in the MASSIVE vendor exhibit hall.  I've had a good deal of time to get work done in out of the way French coffee shops and roam the streets of the Garden and French Quarter districts.  In the morning, I get up earlier and take a nice long run along the Mississippi while the sun is just popping up.  Since I've been quite a few times before, I can't say that I'm spending that much time sightseeing, but I did take picts of everything you should see if you're in Nawlins....  However, thanks to my futzy IPhone I can't upload them until I get back...

Yesterday morning, I got up a smidge earlier and joined the AORN 5K RUN FOR PATIENT SAFETY... I'm not sure I contributed to patient safety, but I gave them $30 and I ran my little heart out and, in consequence, I made pretty good time.  I ended up like at 22:01 or somewhere there about.  I made such good time and came in early enough that they even announced my number and name!  I guess I just need to run with a bunch of OR nurses cause I can seemingly kick their hineys - God save the nurses.

Today is a bit cooler so its been nice enough to be out roaming and now, sitting in the open coffee shop, its pleasant.  I did get some sun the first day I sat out for about 30 minutes at lunch.  Enough that my chest is red and my makeup, which I had just downgraded to a paler winter fair now makes me look like I'm some weird, freakish geisha or a medical grade mime.  Oh well, it will fade :(

I'll post picts for all to enjoy once I get them all downloaded!

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