Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Tour Of New Orleans

Last Saturday - my friends Mistele and John watching my friend Seiko and her boyfriend Drew make homemade sushi.... It was awesome - I told Seiko if she wants a summer gig to go to Hayashi in Gurnee and tell them she's an expert sushi maker:)

So, here's a week in New Orleans -- just some sights and smells .... which the smell part was pretty bad for the most part....

First of all, I figured I'd throw this one in. Across from the Convention Center where I spent the bulk of my week, there was a Memorial from Hurricane Katrina.... Its like a house up in a tree, I guess.

So - if you ever find yourself in New Orleans and you've never been before, here are a few things that are a must see.

I'll start with Blue Dog. Blue Dog is a landmark in its own rights. I remember when I started coming to new Orleans before 2000, Blue Dog was this small gallery off Jackson Square. It was this little gallery and at that time there was a Red Cat as well - I want to say they were married or something (the artists that is) but they split up and their shops went separate ways and now there's only a Blue Dog. This picture wasn't in the art gallery as its all hoitey toitey now and you can't take pictures, but I did go in just to take a look around.

This is actually the Blue Dog art gallery off of Royal Street. Its all pretentious now and no one really talks to you, but just looks at you like you're going to sneak a 23x45 framed oil of a blue dog in your handbag.

Theres always a need to take a walk through the Garden District... Some of it may seem a little run down and scary, but if you look at the heart of those old buildings, they're awesome!

The Garden District and their tile-labeled streets.

Even if you don't take a ride, swing on by the Old Mississip and take a look at the Natchez paddleboat.

St Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square - and of course, horse drawn carriages.

YUM! Cafe Du Monde!

Beignets and cafe au lait - had to have it once before I left....

If you're so inclined, walking around the city with a drink to go.... Crazy place.... Everyone has a cup in the French Quarter.

Take a stroll and check out the kitchy souvenirs and local flavors at The French Market.

Watch the gas lamps flicker throughout the city - night and day.

Count how many different colored doors you can spot.

And just count the balconies...

If you feel like spending a few extra pennies, try The Court of Two Sisters and definitely go for the tableside made caesar salad!

I personally wouldn't spend excess time - or the night - on Bourbon Street (did that once before and no sleep was had...) But you should definitely take a walk by - and then keep on walking as the smells and the crazies left over from the night before are probably still going to be there.

Circle back to Jackson Square and take a listen to the rogue band that plays New Orleans style on the church steps.

If you want a quick lunch or a take back to your room dinner, you have to stop at Central Grocery for a Muffuletta...

You may have to wait in a little line - but it usually moves pretty quickly.

Order a half or a whole, but they're delicious!

You'll pass them at one point or another, but the street cars are rumbling all over the city, especially in the summer...

Good old Horse Guards stationed all over in front of hotels and fancy pantsy places...

This one was actually a new breakfast discovery for me, and I was enthralled, but from what I've learned, its definitely a Creole Louisiana thing. They're called Callas Cakes and they're rice and sweet spices rolled into a ball and deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar and then you pour syrup all of them. A very interesting flavor - they reminded me of the Kurtoskalcz in Hungary.

This one you can get anywhere - seafood gumbo. YUM!

I'm not keen on the hot sauce, but this is the place if you like to burn your tongue off!

And yet more flavors of Nawlins....

The only flavor I left off that was froglegs - in a million different ways....

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