Thursday, March 15, 2012

Its His Fault!

IMG 4202
 So I have had comments as of late that I have not been faithful to my blog.... All I want to say is that the picture of the guy above - its HIS fault! I have an obsessive compulsive issue - when I get involved with stuff everything else suffers. Case in point, I started up on and I've become obsessed with researching on it. The picture above is my Great Great Grandpa Joseph Askew (or Ascough or Ayscough according to various documents). He was born in Toynton-All-Saints, England and died in Bolton-On-Dearne (or as they called it then Bolton-Upon-Dearne). I wish I had a picture of my Uncle Don, but I'm sure if he were still alive, he'd look something similar to this - probably even down to the funky hair! :)
Case in point - this picture is of my Great Grandpa Joseph, Great Great Grandpa Joseph's son.... They look a like too.... Anyways - its crazy finding all this stuff and learning things that none of us really knew.

Unfortunately, the more involved I got with that, the more my blog kind of trailed off. But I'm back, albeit briefly. I'm on a flight to Atlanta right now - its a quick overnight trip but I get to visit with a friend, Michele, who I met in Hungary.  She'll be on her way there soon to be on staff with Campus Crusdae.

 Last week I was down south as well in TN and NC. The week before that I was out in Portland. I actually took mom out to Portland with me so she could visit Karl. And then Karl dropped her off up in Seattle so she could visit with her friend Delores and some other friends. Here are a few picts from the Pittock Mansion and Karl's mansion in Portland. 0406081215
 I'll try to remain loyal to both my blog and ancestry... but I will admit I'm also distracted because a group of us are going to Italy so we're all trying to research and plan and that exciting preoccupying.... SO - I'll close with one last pict of Sardinia where, at the beginning of May, we'll be traversing the beaches there...
  13636 large1
 And then we'll be moving over to Umbria where we'll be basking in the spring sun at our Italian villa... Sigh...
  La Rondinaia May 2010 109


Karl said...

hey! I know some of those people! That first picture really DOES look like Uncle Don - only with longer hair. I think they're related, huh?!

Pat said...

I like Karl's mansion better.