Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Week Update

Back on the road again ... its been pretty slow lately, but things should be picking up for the next few weeks.

Today I hopped a plane for Georgia.  I'm here until Thursday.  A couple meetings and I get to hang with my friend Michelle.  I even get to do dinner with my nephew and his wife.

Its sad that Georgia is more green and lush and cool than Chicago is - whats that about anyways?  Its actually refreshing and so pretty.  Ah - the shades of summer in the midwest - brown.

Thats it... nothing more exciting to post than - I'm in Georgia!

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Karl said...

Hey sister - you back from Georgia yet? When's your next trip to Oregon? You know it's really green and cool here . . . just got rain this weekend (very unusual for Summer) and the temperature is lingering around a nice temperate 70 degrees with lots of sun, low humidity, and blue skies. Give a call and book a room!