Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day Of Relaxation And Just Plain FUN!

Since we had done so much driving and taxed our brains and emotions so much, we needed on day of rest - which we got with the hotel's "stay 3 nights get 1 free" deal.  We spent Sunday sleeping in until mmmm-o'clock and then just roaming around the town of Walker, MN doing some speed shopping before the stores closed at - ahh - 4pm.  In between we had some fun with our cameras.... 

Ok - this one was actually from Saturday - but I couldn't resist because its the goofiest picture and Shelley worked hard to make sure she got a good shot... I had to show it :)

They graciously allowed me to join in the laughter at "The Fun Sisters Boutique"...

Lisa, Shelley and I got up too late for brunch at the hotel (mom had gone down earlier) so we roamed around Walker trying to find brunch - found none - passed this place and though "hmm, barbeque actually doesn't sound bad" AND IT WASN'T!  It was awesome barbeque!!!!

We aptly renamed this store "The Fun Sisters Boutique - And That Cousin In the Window" -- well, thats, my new rename...

This was in the front of our hotel.  Chase On The Lake.  It was on beautiful, wonderful - Leech Lake.... Sounds refreshing :)  And I couldn't tell if the name Chase was just the name or if it was derived from their little lawn chair logo.... I don't know if they're bad spellers or just confused?

Walking the streets of - Walker - in search of shopping.

Finished with our shopping and walking down by the lake.  Mom sat on the beach for a little while getting some sun and the rest of walked out on the dock to get some pictures.

These were some of our dock picts...

No - Lisa was not pouting at the end of the dock.... (She was actually taking pictures)

How many people were on that dock!

Dinner on the docks at the resort

After dinner, Lisa, Shelley and I headed out for a walk on a nearby trail.

Mom stayed at the condo we had and went out on the deck by the lake to finish her book and chill.

 So many adventures - we can't forget about the massive man-eating plants of Walker, MN!

 And here's our resort, Chase On The Lake.  A nice relaxing, fun time was had by all - I think... :)

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