Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back To Family - New Side

Saturday was the "Behn" day.  We had some info the cemetery where the Behn's have a plot - Oak Woods Cemetery.  So I wanted to go down to see who we could find and just see where the family is.

This was the first headstone that I saw when I walked across from the office.... All in German.

Its a HUGE cemetery and so we had to drive all around to the back.  There are tons of famous people buried in Oak Woods - Jesse Owens is the only one I remember, but I know there are tons of others.

After wandering around, with rain pelting our heads and squinting to make out names that were 100 years old - we finally found the Behn marker facing towards the wall and the road (I think it was Stony Island).  I ended up taking all kinds of pictures so we wouldn't forget where it was.  I'll have to go back because we didn't have much time to look as the cemetery closed at 4:30 and we didn't get there until almost 4.  I know there are others buried there.  Uncle Raine says that Grandpa Behn is buried right by her grandparents (with the markers) but he apparently doesn't have a marker?  We'll have to look at that more and get dates and such before we go down again.

This was really weird - its a Jewish cemetery in Oak Woods.  It completely separated by a fence and the grass is all grown up and the headstones are all close together.

Then there are all these Civil War headstones and this big thing in the center of the cemetery.

Then Tom took us all around the area and University of Chicago.
This is a statue thing called Fountain of Time.  Its pretty cool.

This is Father Time

All these people across represent the "march of time" and all the people throughout time.

The back side is the coolest...

This is actually the artist of the fountain - Taft - he sculpted himself into the statue in the back.

This is a Frank Lloyd Wright house.


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