Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Update On Worthless Information

I love New York! Ok, not really, but flying there with New Yorkers is always an adventure!

I just had to update my info on an awkward moment right before take off. It did take a while to board, but the flight was overbooked so a ton of people ended up having to check bags which meant they got on and then had to go all the way back once they found there was no place for luggage. We ended up pushing back a few minutes late, but not horrible. Nonetheless the purcer gets on the intercom and as were backing up, in effect, says "on behalf of your New York based flight crew we'd like to apologize for the inefficiency of the Chicago ground crew for their lack of knowledge on how to load baggage. We hope that in the near future their performance will be corrected so your next experience will be timely and pleasant."

REALLY?!!!!! That is SOOOO New York! I dont even know as if that's professional! I feel like the Marines just turned against the Army on the battlefield.

That comment is definitely going on my "experience" feedback form that they send after each flight. New York may be cocky and we may indeed have our issues here - but New York, you best not mess with Chicago! :)

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