Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I had to post this quick as it tickled my funny bone.... I'm doing research for a new buying group contract we got thats pretty big. I'm going through numbers of larger orders and I'm seeing this one account thats listed in AK. I get a little confused sometimes, embarrassed to admit it. I was pretty sure AK was for Alaska, but wanted to check and make sure it wasn't Arkansas. So I did a little google search on the account name and sure enough its Alaska.

Upon googling this hospital in Alaska I couldn't help but read their little info piece on their facility and - I did learn something that I found slightly amusing. See if you can spot the amusing....

Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, a 74-bed hospital accredited by The Joint Commission, is located in the beautiful Mat-Su Valley. The hospital’s beginnings trace back to 1935 when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt relocated stricken farmers from Minnesota to the lush Matanuska Valley as part of his “New Deal.”

There are actually a few little amusing tidbits. I'm thinking "really Delano - like those poor Minnesota farmers need a double whammy of being stricken!" AND then the word "lush" tickles me as I've been to Alaska (not this area, but Alaska all the same) and I'm going to stake my life on the fact that there is lushness going on at some point in the year, but you better hurry up and catch that train because its not gonna be a "lush" season by the time you get there.

But - on the positive side, I did learn some general area information about Mat-Su Valley, Alaska. Score one for Alison. Score two for you that I passed my new-found knowledge along - as well as my comedic take on this knowledge.

Enjoy your day in beautiful-not-Mat-Su!

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