Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Meeting Of The Moms

This past weekend for the July 4th holiday, Sean and I took mom down to meet his mom as she's been doing much better.

Mom hasn't been on a plane for about 5 years so I was a little nervous about how she'd do but she was amazing!  It helped that Sean was there to help so I didn't sweat the small stuff.

We landed, got a car and since it was 6 by then we just went straight to one of our favorite restaurants by Seans moms house, Aqua Grill.

After we ate, first stop - the ocean!:). 

Then we went home and got some sleep so the next day we could do more stuff!  In the afternoon we went downtown Jacksonville to the Cummer Art Gallery and Gardens right on the St Johns River. Seans mom is an artist and she used to have a connection with the Cummer so I'd been wanting to see it.

We walked around the gardens ...

And then walked around the art gallery a little...

We then went down to Atlantic Beach and saw where Sean went to high school and where he lived and then we ate down in the beach area
Friday morning was another sunny morning - I actually woke up a little early and just had some alone time on the back pool deck watching the sun get brighter.

And once we were all awake we jumped in the car and headed to an 11 am River cruise in St Augustine!

A beautiful day where the boat breeze felt good - and even Dolphins came out to enjoy the waves we made!

We went down to the lighthouse and turned around there.

And then we drove around St Augustine in the car getting a "Sean" tour....

Just long enough to enjoy but quick enough to head back to do an early dinner with his mom.

We were going to take her to Red Lobster but ended up brining the Lobster  to her!  There's a great deck on the water at the rehab place she's at so we enjoyed our founder there!

Happy 4th of July!

We went and picked his mom up to take her where her brother lives.  We met him and some friends and had some barbecue and some laughs.  Mom really enjoyed herself!

Mom and Mrs Gartland and her brother Nels.

Later in the evening we were going down to the beach for some fireworks and passed the golf course and saw tons of people and a tent and so we stopped there and had an awesome fireworks display...

And then Sean took us down to the beach and gave us another fireworks show!

Saturday -we all laid low after lunch with his mom.  Mom got to sit out by the pool and get some sun.  And we went down to the beach again.

Oh and one last FL pict.... Where else can you see an alligator and a giant turtle by a scummy reservoir....:)

Happy belated Fourth of July.... Back in the chilly Midwest!

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