Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding #3!:)

This weekend was wedding number 3 in Atlanta area.  This wedding, though, I had the pleasure of being accompanied by stupendous Sean!:). I say stupendous for several reasons...
1.  He's packing to, God willing, move and so that he took the time out of his schedule to come with me is amazingly generous of him!
2.  He was willing to stay in a house with not 1, not 2, not even three women, but 6 ... Yes SIX women and even sit quietly in his bedroom while 10 of us partied in the living room late Friday evening using a bachelorette lingerie party!  His giving and loving is that!
3.  He was totally cool with sitting through the wedding of a person he had only met once and didn't know anyone else but me at!
Have a found myself a catch or what?!!!!

So the wedding was my friends Michelle and Luke.  They're both missionaries in Budapest with Cru.  I met Michelle abiut 5 years ago when she did her first ever mission trip to Budapest!

We stayed at this nice big place in Demoresr, GA that was right on this amazing stream in the woods.

And the wedding was in Cleveland, GA in a barn (just like the Asheville wedding - but this barn was air conditioned and they did the ceremony upstairs and the reception downstairs.  Beautiful and nice and cool!:)

Ta da - Mr and Mrs Luke Stannard!  You couldn't meet two sweeter most amazing people who really just want to do what God wants them to do and part of that includes spending life together!

And so Sean completes the attendnce of wedding number 3 with me... Which its way better to attend a wedding with someone... Even better someone you like!  Even better someone you love!:)
Afterwards, we were invited by my friend Amanda and her boyfriend Michael to go to a winery near Cleveland called Yonah (which means Bear in Cherokee) Mountain Winery.  Great winery and wine, beautiful scenery and super friends!

And then after that, Sean and I decided to take a nice little hike to a nearby waterfall!

On Sunday morning we drove and hour and a half to go to church in Greenville and then went out for breakfast with Alan, Cindy and Riley before heading back to Atlanta to fly out.

Fun, friends, family, full weekend!
Wedding #3 down!

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